Hulu Plus “Remote Control” brings Chromecast-style features to Xbox One, PS4

Hulu Plus subscribers are getting a little bit more control over their streaming experience on game consoles with a new update. The company launched a new feature called “Remote Control” today, which allows subscribers to its premium streaming service to control Hulu Plus apps on the Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 with their… Read More

Amazon Prime's value perception has moved only slightly lower, but Netflix's has risen significantly.

99 reasons but price is not one: Consumers still value Netflix over Amazon Prime

There’s several reasons why consumers still prefer Netflix over Amazon, but the new $99 price tag of Amazon Prime isn’t one. That’s potentially good news for Amazon, which was seeing consumers protest following the announcement that Amazon would be raising the price of its shipping and streaming video service to $99. According to survey conducted… Read More


Hulu Plus iPhone app now supports Google Chromecast

Hulu updated its iPhone app today to include support for Google Chromecast. That means users, after installing the update, can now stream Hulu Plus content from their Apple device straight to the TV. Earlier this month, Hulu added Chromecast support for the iPad and Android devices. Now it has done the same for the iPhone. “The Hulu… Read More


Chart: How Netflix views the streaming competition

Grousing about the selection in the Netflix streaming library may be a popular pastime, but the company is taking new steps to address that criticism by sizing up its top videos vs. the selection from its competitors. After surprising Wall Street with strong results yesterday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings used a portion of his quarterly letter… Read More


Watch TV with two screens: Hulu Plus available for Wii U

Hulu Plus is now available on the new Nintendo Wii U console and it introduces a new way to watch TV and movies. The difference is the utilization of the Wii U’s GamePad controller. Users can now enjoy a dual-screen watching experience, with the GamePad serving as an information hub for the episode or movie… Read More


Amazon says Kindle Fire will have Hulu Plus at launch

Kindle Fire will have Hulu Plus, after all. Amazon this morning updated the list of apps that will be available for its new tablet computer when it launches next week, saying that the Hulu Plus subscription service will be among them, joining Netflix. Apart from being good news for Hulu Plus subscribers who have pre-ordered… Read More