Don’t fall for this Xbox One-bricking prank

When Microsoft announced that the Xbox One wouldn’t be compatible with older Xbox 360 games, the Internet exploded in a massive outcry. Ever since, people have been searching for a way to play their favorite 360 games on Microsoft’s new console — yes, there is technically a way to do it — but that may… Read More

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Manti Te’o fake-girlfriend hoax reminds us how creepy social media really is

At one point in history, I had a large amount of hair on my head. So much so that I jokingly made a Twitter account called @TheSoperAfro, specifically for the follicles.  Someone decided to one-up me and created @SoperFroLice. Location: “Taylor Soper’s Epidermis.” Biography: “Ever since Taylor ran out of Head and Shoulders, we’ve been living… Read More