Web browsing, two decades ago

The Web: a generation old, a link unexpected

On this twentieth anniversary of the first popular web browser, consider how its potential was viewed just one year after its birth. If only to realize that sometimes in tech the Law of Unintended Consequences can pay off in positive ways, too. In September 1993, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications released the beta of… Read More

A regular-sized Amazon locker

Photo: The significance of Obidos at Amazon.com

We’ve been having fun covering Amazon.com’s ambitious locker effort — including Todd Bishop’s experiment to pick up a pack of batteries at a Seattle area 7-Eleven store. Since then, Amazon Lockers have been popping up at various locations around the country, including at the company’s ever-expanding headquarters in the South Lake Union area of Seattle.  That’s why… Read More


No borders: Space heroes join together for epic night

They were all up on stage when the cosmonaut Valery Kubasov was introduced. With a lapel full of medals he strode across stage. As he walked past Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell, and almost every other living American space hero, the Soviet anthem blared out over the audience. Soyuz nyerushimyy respublik svobodnykh / Splotila naveki Velikaia Rus. I wasn’t… Read More

Shel Kaphan

Meet Amazon.com’s first employee: Shel Kaphan

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Amazon.com today is approaching 40,000 employees. Seventeen years ago, Shel Kaphan was No. 1. GeekWire Interview: Shel Kaphan, Amazon.com’s first employee Part 1: The forgotten founder? Part 2: Meeting Jeff Bezos Part 3: Building Amazon.com Part 4: A larger mission Long before Amazon turned into a multi-billion dollar online retailing powerhouse, and technology giant, it… Read More