Ultrasound on the go? Smartphone-based imaging system released by Mobisante

Ultrasound systems can be bulky and expensive. But a Redmond company by the name of Mobisante is looking to transform the industry with a new technology that turns a smartphone into a miniature ultrasound device. Mobisante is expected to begin selling the $7,495 ultrasound attachment this month, with BusinessWeek noting that some top-end portable ultrasound… Read More

Melinda Gates

An ‘impatient’ Melinda Gates joins Twitter, tops 17,000 followers in a day thanks to Tweet from BillG

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates joined Twitter in January 2010, and has quickly assembled an audience of some 3.5 million followers. Now, Gates’ wife, Melinda, is joining the short-form communication channel. And — thanks to to a Tweet from her hubbie — she’s already attracted some 17,450 followers even though she’s just posted four Tweets to… Read More


Here’s your guide to the nastiest restaurants in Seattle

Navigating Seattle’s burgeoning restaurant scene can be a serious challenge, and, if you’re unlucky, a health hazard too. (I bet I’m not the only one whose had my stomach turn after eating a bowl of clam chowder). But a Seattle geek has figured out an easy way to inform the masses about which dining establishments… Read More

Derek Streat

Inspired by daughter’s illness, Medify CEO sets out to transform health info discovery

Some startup companies are born out of complete necessity. Take, for instance, the situation facing Derek Streat who learned in 2009 that his two-year-old daughter was facing a life-threatening autoimmune disease. Like most parents, Streat set out to find everything he could about the medical condition. And that search was the inspiration behind Medify, a… Read More

Anders Moran

Startup Spotlight: Earn rewards for exercising with Earndit

Sometimes it can be a little tough to motivate yourself to go for a jog, paddle or bike ride. That’s where Earndit steps in. The 16-month-old startup, led by Harry Kautzman II and Andres Moran, integrates with exercising applications and creates an award system for users. Just this month, the startup rolled out a new feature… Read More


Adam Bosworth unveils Keas, a social game that uses peer pressure to make co-workers healthier

It has been two years since Ignition Partners backed Adam Bosworth’s stealthy consumer health startup Keas. But the London-born entrepreneur, who was famously accused of violating a non-compete agreement when he left Microsoft to form the startup Crossgain in 2000, is taking the wraps off the San Francisco-based startup today. The idea? Keas uses game… Read More