Horses and Bayonets: The top 10 sound bites from the Barack Obama-Mitt Romney debate

Last night’s final presidential debate produced some of the best zingers of the campaign, with President Barack Obama sounding off about “horses and bayonets” and former Governor Mitt Romney proclaiming that he likes “American cars.” Tracking all of the action throughout the campaign has been Seattle startup Hark, one of the biggest repositories of audio… Read More


Hark inks deal to access movie audio clips from Warner Bros.

Hark CEO David Aronchick recently disclosed that the company — essentially a YouTube of audio clips — topped 50 million monthly visitors. It was a significant milestone, but Aronchick isn’t stopping there. The Seattle entrepreneur announced today that the company has formed a new partnership with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, giving Hark access to audio clips from… Read More


Hark tops 50 million visits as listeners tune in to audio clips of Obama and Whitney Houston

YouTube may be the king of online video. But Seattle upstart Hark is making a play to become the top destination for audio clips, including more than three million funny movie clips; offbeat TV quotes; poorly delivered political speeches and other weird sounds. The company, led by entrepreneur David Aronchick, just announced that visitors to the… Read More


The two (and only two) ways Microsoft can survive the phone wars

Guest Commentary: The tale of Microsoft killing its Courier tablet project is both riveting and familiar. With Microsoft making two-thirds of its revenue from enterprises, it comes as no surprise that the company would protect that golden goose by sacrificing even a potentially world-changing innovation. And, now that Microsoft is playing catch-up, all future offerings will… Read More


Hark brings images to famous movie quotes, continues to build audio clip library

Hark, the Seattle startup formerly known as Entertonement, is expanding its library of audio clips to incorporate images from famous movie clips. The company also is rolling out a new way for users to quickly browse through special collections from one movie, say for example favorite lines from Glengarry Glen Ross. Dubbed Hark Curated Collections,… Read More