Microsoft’s Halo 4 is done, set for November release

Halo fans rejoice: Ladies and gents: we are Yoinking thrilled to announce that #Halo4 has gone gold. #WakeUpJohn — Halo Waypoint (@HaloWaypoint) September 28, 2012 That’s a tweet from the official Twitter account of Microsoft’s 343 Industries, which is the developer for Halo 4, after taking over the franchise from Bungie. The latest installment of… Read More


Microsoft debuts trailer for live-action Halo 4 series

Gearing up for the release of Halo 4 this fall, Microsoft has released the official trailer for “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn,” the live-action online series that will tell the story of the events leading up to the plotline of the game. The trailer debuted at Comic-Con in San Diego last night. Microsoft has been… Read More


Microsoft unveils new ‘Halo Infinity Multiplayer’ plan

Halo is the franchise that introduced many people to the power of multiplayer gaming, and Microsoft will attempt to make new strides with a new experience called “Halo Infinity Multiplayer,” launching with Halo 4 on the Xbox 360 later this year. Microsoft unveiled the plan a short time ago, saying that the approach aims “to continue… Read More


Hail to the Master Chief? Halo 4 launching on election day

Microsoft announced plans this week to launch Halo 4 on Nov. 6, kicking off a new era for the blockbuster Xbox 360 franchise. If the date sounds familiar, it’s because there is another pretty big event also happening on that day: the U.S. presidential election. The coincidence has generated all sorts of conspiracy theories about… Read More


PAX: Master Chief, explosions and other Halo 4 highlights

Halo fans were lined up around the corner for a panel this morning on Halo 4 at Penny Arcade Expo, filling the Paramount Theater for inside details on the next installment of the blockbuster Xbox 360 franchise. Members of the development team from Microsoft’s 343 Industries didn’t reveal any huge secrets, but they gave a… Read More


Microsoft says Halo 4 signals a new trilogy for Xbox 360

Microsoft this morning confirmed plans to extend the blockbuster Halo franchise for Xbox 360 with a new game, Halo 4, with a teaser video at the end of its media conference at the E3 video game convenion. Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s Xbox chief, went further by introducing it as the “dawn of a new trilogy for… Read More