There are more than 250 UW computer science students in one class — intro to coding. Photo via

Analysis: The exploding demand for computer science education, and why America needs to keep up

The chart above tells quite a story. That blue line — the one that looks like a hockey stick — shows how interest in computer science from freshmen at the University of Washington in Seattle has skyrocketed since 2010 compared with other engineering fields. The UW is not alone. Countless other U.S. universities, from Harvard to Stanford to the University of Michigan, are seeing… Read More

Hadi Partovi partners with 30 school districts to help teach kids about computer science

More than two million students across the nation will learn how to code thanks to a Seattle-based organization that is on a serious mission to teach kids about computer science. today announced partnerships with 30 schools districts — including three of the top 10 largest districts in the country — that will allow teachers to use the… Read More


GeekWire Awards: Vote for Geek of the Year

It’s time to kick off the voting in another key GeekWire Awards category — Geek of the Year. This is a special award, designed to recognize not just technical prowess but also efforts to strengthen the broader technology community. Reflecting that spirit, the voting in this category last year resulted in a rare tie, with computer scientist Oren… Read More


In one month, 500K students sign up for’s computer science 101 course is on a mission to get more kids learning about computer science, and so far, the Seattle-based non-profit seems to be making legitimate progress. Hadi Partovi, a longtime Seattle entrepreneur who founded this past January with his brother, Ali, wrote up a 2013 recap today that outlined the organization’s accomplishments thus far. One particular stat was… Read More co-founder Hadi Partovi speaks at the 2013 GeekWire Summit. founder on the real reason there aren’t more women in tech

Why aren’t there more women working in technology? That’s likely one of the most highly-debated questions in today’s tech world, and the discussions heated up again last week after Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham was interviewed — and later we found out, misquoted — by The Information. Now Hadi Partovi, longtime entrepreneur and co-founder of Seattle-based non-profit,… Read More


Computer science exposure: ‘Hour of Code’ campaign reaches 10 million students

So far, the “Hour of Code” movement seems to be working — at least from an exposure standpoint. The campaign, part of Computer Science Education Week and created by Seattle-based, announced today that more than 10 million students in 170 countries have tried their hand at an Hour of Code lessons this week, writing more than… Read More


GeekWire Awards: Vote for Do-Gooder of the Year

We’re back for another day of voting in the GeekWire Awards, and today’s category is all about the geeks who give back. The Do-Gooder of the Year category — presented by Seattle Children’s Research Institute — is designed to recognize the people who are making the community stronger through philanthropic efforts and just all-around good deeds. We’ve… Read More


Marc Andreessen, Jack Dorsey, Ron Conway and others join to boost computer science education in the U.S.

Seattle entrepreneur Hadi Partovi is on a mission to transform computer science education in the U.S. And Partovi is off to a pretty fast start with, the nonprofit which he formed last month with his twin brother Ali. Among members of’s newly-formed advisory board are some of the biggest names in technology, including venture… Read More

Hadi Partovi

We need more geeks: Hadi and Ali Partovi form to solve the computer science education crisis

Ali and Hadi Partovi have used their entrepreneurial talents to change the music, advertising and communications industries. Now, the twin brothers are turning their sights to a much bigger problem: computer science education. In the words of Hadi Partovi, the dearth of computer scientists emerging from U.S. high schools and colleges is a “big hairy challenge”… Read More


Dropbox ‘acqui-hires’ Seattle music service Audiogalaxy

Audiogalaxy, a music streaming service that was initially created more than a decade ago by developer Michael Merhej, has been acquired by fast-growing Dropbox for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition has led to all sorts of speculation that a cloud music service might be on the way for Dropbox, which could be an interesting twist… Read More

Rich Barton

Vinod Khosla, Rich Barton lead Vittana’s new ‘League of Extraordinary Tech Superheroes’

Venture capital Vinod Khosla and Zillow co-founder Rich Barton have joined forces to bankroll Vittana, the Seattle non-profit that’s attempting to wipe out youth poverty through education-oriented microloans. The contributions of Khosla and Barton mark the largest in Vittana’s history, and set the organization on a path to become self sustainable. The exact amount of… Read More


Startup Awards: Vote for Seattle’s Investor of the Year

Even though it’s cheaper than ever to get a software or Internet company off the ground these days, money still matters. But the best investors bring more to the table than deep pockets, adding extra horsepower when startups need them the most. Today’s featured category in the Seattle 2.0 Startup Awards is Investor of the Year, recognizing some… Read More

GeekWire Summit

GeekWire Summit: Facebook, T-Mobile, Swype and more join lineup of speakers

We’re gearing up for our big GeekWire Summit, the inaugural half-day conference March 7 in downtown Seattle. Last week we announced the participation of former Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie, Hulu CTO Richard Tom, and UW computer science luminary Oren Etzioni. Today we’re pleased to announce more industry veterans who will be sharing insights from… Read More


PaperKarma: This mobile app stops junk mail in its tracks with a simple photo click

Most people absolutely hate receiving junk mail. But while the credit card offers, fashion catalogs and supermarket flyers pile up on the doorsteps of millions of Americans each day, one might think that there’s little hope to escape the clutter. That was until now. Seattle software developers Brendan Ribera and Sean Mortazavi have taken their frustration with paper-based… Read More

Freddie Mercury. Wikipedia photo

One-time popular music service iLike officially bites the dust

“And another one gone, and another one gone. Another one bites the dust.” Freddie Mercury of Queen may have summarized the current market perfectly. As we’ve previously reported, a number of high-profile Internet services have announced in recent weeks that they will be closing their doors following acquisitions by corporate parents. (Namely Picnik, TeachStreet and Summify). Now, we can add another… Read More

Hadi Partovi

Hadi Partovi to Michael Arrington: Valuations are ‘out of control’ and Seattle is a ‘viable’ startup hub

We’ve been talking a lot about the startup ecosystem in Seattle and what needs to happen to make the region an even better place for entrepreneurs. Given that discussion on GeekWire, I was particularly interested in some comments that Seattle entrepreneur-turned-angel investor Hadi Partovi made at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco this week…. Read More