Hachette CEO replies to Amazon fans: ‘These punitive actions are not necessary’

Amazon this weekend took the unusual step of asking authors and readers to send a message to Hachette Book Group CEO Michael Pietsch, appealing to the publisher to support Amazon’s push for lower e-book prices. The company even published Pietsch’s email address, with suggested talking points. As it turns out, Pietsch isn’t just filing the messages away or hitting delete…. Read More


Amazon playing hardball with Disney, nixing preorders for upcoming DVDs

Amazon is declining to offer pre-orders for upcoming DVD and Blu-ray versions of Disney movies including “Muppets Most Wanted,” “Maleficent,” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” — reportedly holding back the option from customers as a tactic in its contract negotiations with the studio. The move, first reported by Home Media Magazine, mirrors Amazon’s tactics in its previous negotiations… Read More

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

John Grisham, Stephen King and more than 900 other authors press Amazon to solve Hachette dispute in NYT ad

Amazon.com is facing another PR backlash over its ongoing dispute with publisher Hachette as a group of more than 900 authors have signed a letter demanding that the Seattle online retailer resolve the fight, and live up to its corporate mantra of “Earth’s most customer-centric company.” The group, operating under the name Author’s United, plans… Read More


Amazon: Why $9.99 e-books are better for everyone, including Hachette

Amazon has gone public with new details about its high-profile standoff with book publisher Hachette, confirming that the e-commerce giant is trying to lock in a standard price of $9.99 for e-books — and making the case that the lower price is actually better for everyone involved, including the publisher. “Many e-books are being released at $14.99 and even $19.99,”… Read More


Amazon wants to give 100% of revenue to e-book authors as Hachette dispute continues

Some prominent authors have publicly voiced their frustration with Amazon amid its ongoing e-book contract dispute with Hachette Book Group. Now, it appears Amazon is responding. The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal both report that the online bookseller is offering Hachette authors 100 percent of e-book revenue made off their titles. According to a… Read More


Amazon says its Hachette standoff is ‘in the long-term interest of our customers’

A top executive for Amazon’s e-book business is defending the company’s tactics in its high-profile dispute with publisher Hachette, saying that it’s “acting in the long-term interest of our customers.” “This discussion is all about e-book pricing,” said Russ Grandinetti, Amazon’s senior vice president of Kindle content, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. “The terms under… Read More


Amazon promotes a Hachette title that it’s not willing to provide on pre-order

Amazon calls Edan Lepucki’s new book California one of the “best books of July,” but the highly anticipated novel about a post-apocalyptic world has been caught in a real-life battle. Lepucki finds herself in the cross fire between Amazon and her publishing house Hachette, which have been in a contract dispute for months now. As a bargaining tactic, Amazon has been delaying shipments of… Read More


Amazon relents on JK Rowling’s new book, promising speedier shipments of The Silkworm

After previously warning of delays of 1 to 2 months for JK Rowling’s new book, “The Silkworm,” Amazon is now describing the hardcover title as “in stock” with a delay of only 1-2 days for processing. And the Kindle version of the book, which was initially unavailable when the book debuted this week, can now be downloaded by Amazon customers…. Read More


Apple capitalizes on Amazon’s contract dispute with sale on Hachette pre-orders

Apple is currently featuring a limited-time sale on pre-orders for 26 upcoming e-books, including J.K. Rowling’s “The Silkworm” (her second book written under the pen name Robert Galbraith), four new books from James Patterson and Amanda Palmer’s “The Art of Asking.” People can pick up those books through the iBookstore for $9.99 each, and get… Read More


Seattle indie bookstore jabs at Amazon, enters Hachette fray with promise to hand-deliver J.K. Rowling’s new novel

Walmart and Barnes & Noble aren’t the only ones capitalizing on Amazon’s contract dispute with the Hachette Book Group — brick-and-mortar retailers are, too. Seattle-based independent bookstore Third Place Books said today that it will hand-deliver copies of The Silkworm, a new novel by J.K. Rowling (she wrote the book under her pseudonym, Robert Galbraith). Amazon is currently locked… Read More


Walmart, Barnes & Noble take advantage of Amazon-Hachette fight with big book discounts

Walmart and Barnes & Noble are taking advantage of Amazon’s contract dispute with the Hachette Book Group. While Hachette and Amazon are currently locked in a stalemate over pricing and profit margins for e-books, Walmart is offering big discounts on books written by authors like James Patterson, David Baldacci and Robert Galbraith, all of whom publish with Hachette. CNN… Read More


Amazon says dispute with publisher Hachette is just business as usual

After two weeks of silence, Amazon has finally given its side of the story in its ongoing contract dispute with Hachette Book Group — disagreeing with critics who say it’s unfairly wielding its power over the book business. Hachette and Amazon are currently locked in a stalemate over pricing and profit margins for e-books. In a move widely perceived as a retaliatory… Read More


Author of Amazon exposé cites ‘heavy handed’ tactics as book gets tangled up in company’s Hachette dispute

Amazon has started blocking users from pre-ordering books published by Hachette — including a book about Amazon itself — as a part of an ongoing contract dispute between the two companies. Now, people interested in pre-ordering books such as the paperback version of “The Everything Store” or “Silkworm,” the second book J.K. Rowling has written under the… Read More

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Six topics Jeff Bezos should address at Amazon’s shareholder meeting

Amazon’s shareholder meeting on Wednesday is one of the rare times we get to hear from Jeff Bezos. The rest of the year, the company’s founder and CEO frequently skips duties, like chatting with analysts on earnings calls; interviewing with the press or pitching new products at special events. So, with that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the topics we would… Read More


Publisher says Amazon is delaying book shipments over contract dispute

People who want to buy Malcolm Gladwell’s books and some other popular titles from Amazon could be waiting for a while. Hachette Book Group is claiming that Amazon is delaying shipments of its books to customers while the two parties are working on negotiating a new contract. Several books published by Hachette, including Gladwell’s, are marked with… Read More


Apple points finger at Amazon in DOJ e-book pricing lawsuit

Yet more news has developed in the DOJ’s case against Apple and several book publishers over their alleged collusion to price-fix e-books, or what we like to call The Never-ending Lawsuit That is Slowly Choking the Fun out of Reading. This week, Apple filed this statement with the Southern District Court of New York, which… Read More