VIDEO: Relive GeekWire’s epic ping-pong finale

Drama, intensity, pure talent — the championship match of the expert ping-pong bracket had it all Wednesday night at our giant Ping-Pong & Anniversary Bash. We had several people tell us the three-set duel between Qhode’s Avi Cavale and Flowroute’s Tetsuo Kasahara was the highlight of their night. Thankfully for those who want to relive the action or missed out on this awesome… Read More


Ping-Pong Bash: Qhode’s Avi Cavale takes down Japanese national champ in epic finale

When people signed up to attend Wednesday’s Ping-Pong Anniversary Bash, they were expecting a few things: fun games, tasty food and good company. What they likely didn’t plan on was witnessing the most intense, competitive and flat-out freakin’ awesome ping-pong match many of us have ever seen. With a buzzing crowd surrounding the final table… Read More


Live tournament thread: GeekWire Ping-Pong Bash

Welcome to our live tournament thread at the second annual GeekWire Ping-Pong & Anniversary Bash. We’ll be updating this page throughout the evening with tournament results, photos and everything else awesome going on tonight at the Showbox SODO. Here’s a live Twitter feed from tonight: Tweets about “#gwbash” 3:50 P.M. — Our tournament players are starting to… Read More