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Here are the problems facing Groupon and Living Social: Scale, repeat customers and targeting

Are Groupon and Living Social the next great things in online advertising? Or, are they just a flash in the pan? That was the fascinating debate which broke out earlier this week at the Mobile Future Forward conference in Seattle where panelists debated the challenges in front of the fast-growing daily deal businesses. RealNetworks chairman Rob… Read More


Groupon Getaways launches travel deals with Expedia

Early last month, Expedia and Groupon announced plans to work on a new discount service for online travel. Well, Groupon Getaways — as the service is known — just went live with deals for the El Dorado Hotel and Spa in Santa Fe; the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City and other vacation… Read More


GeekWire Podcast: Groupon’s IPO, Microsoft’s Windows 8, and Twitter’s place in the world

This week on the GeekWire Podcast, we discuss Groupon’s IPO, the unveiling of Microsoft’s next Windows version, and the end of the original T-Mobile Sidekick. Then we examine the present and future of Twitter, Facebook and other social media (and much more) with Monica Guzman Preston of Intersect and Jason Preston of Parnassus Group — our… Read More


Expedia, Groupon plan to partner on travel deals

One of the veterans of online commerce, Bellevue-based travel giant Expedia, is announcing a partnership with daily deals site Groupon today to offer discounts on travel. The agreement is being announced today at the D9 conference, and Tricia Duryee of AllThingsD has the early scoop on the news. The companies say they will be able… Read More


Is Portland the new Peoria? Google Offers arrives at Floyd’s

For years, marketers wondered how their products or services would play in Peoria. Now, is Portland becoming that marketing hotspot for the digital generation? Google thinks so, choosing the Rose City for the roll out of its new Google Offers daily deal service. “There’s no end to the city’s great restaurants, coffee shops, hot spots… Read More

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ManDeals launches new daily deal site, just for the dudes

Like most guys, Coby Dilling loves a good deal. But when his wife signed him up for Groupon last November, the 34-year-old high school English teacher wasn’t too impressed. “After a couple of weeks of the spa treatments and bikini waxes and whatnot, I actually went back to her and said, ‘Hey, honey, where are… Read More


Groupon, LivingSocial challenged over terms of daily deals

More and more people have been embracing daily deals, figuring out how to work within the rules and limitations to score sweet discounts from local merchants. The phenomenon has made group discount services one of the hottest sectors online. But have you actually read the fine print on your latest daily deal, and looked up… Read More


Knocking on Groupon’s door: Daily Ticket is no ordinary deal site

Groupon and Living Social have achieved enormous success, generating tens of millions of subscribers and valuations in the billions. But Seattle entrepreneur Jon Washburn thinks these new daily deal titans are vulnerable. The reason? It’s just incredibly tough to scale the local advertising operations to coordinate and manage deals from the corner dry cleaner or… Read More