Meet Sirqul, a Gripwire-spinout led by Amazon vet Rob Frederick

Former Amazon Web Services veteran Rob Frederick found success right off the bat with his first mobile-focused startup, Gripwire. Now, he’s looking to do it again with a new Gripwire spin-out called Sirqul. Launching today, Seattle-based Sirqul calls itself a mobile EaaS (Engagement as a Service) company that helps catalyze the app development process for brands,… Read More


Startup Spotlight: Amazon vet Rob Frederick guides Gripwire to profitability

Not many of the upstarts we feature in the Startup Spotlight have hit profitability. But Rob Frederick’s Gripwire — a developer of mobile games and apps — is an exception. Bootstrapping his way to success, Frederick has built a profitable startup from almost day one, creating its own mobile games like Doodle Trivia and helping organization’s like Bob… Read More