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Someone Like You: An ode to my BlackBerry

Never mind, I’ll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you too. Don’t forget me, I beg, I remember, you said, “Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead. Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.” —Adele, “Someone Like You” I broke it off with the… Read More


Newly-formed W Fund to pump $20M into university spinouts

Washington’s startup community is getting yet another shot in the arm, thanks to the efforts of a newly-formed venture capital firm whose goal is to mine universities and research institutions for the state’s very best business ideas. The University of Washington’s W Fund is launching today with about $20 million from private industry, leading venture… Read More


Online dog fight: rival DogVacay launches Airbnb for pets

This could be one very interesting dog fight. A new startup company out of Los Angeles by the name of DogVacay is getting some attention today after it launched an online marketplace for pet owners to find nearby lodging for their dogs.  Basically, it’s an Airbnb for pet care. Sound familiar? It should since Madrona Venture Group’s Greg… Read More

Greg Gottesman devours cash to play doggie day care matchmaker, the Seattle upstart that matches those seeking doggie care with nearby pet sitters, has raised $1.8 million, according to a SEC filing. The site, which launched last month, has an unusual history. It was started by venture capitalist Greg Gottesman who pitched the idea at a Startup Weekend event in Seattle last year. Gottesman… Read More

Madrona's Tom Alberg

Newly-formed W Fund includes heavy hitters from Seattle venture capital

University of Washington vice provost of commercialization Linden Rhoads wants the state’s largest research institutions to spin-out more innovative technologies, creating new startups that fuel the economy and create jobs. And now she’s getting much closer to that goal with the creation of the W Fund, which we wrote about yesterday after the state’s Department… Read More

Greg Gottesman at Startup Weekend

Greg Gottesman, Brad Feld and others join board of Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend, the Seattle-based non profit which coordinates 54-hour startup marathons at locations across the globe, has formed a new board with leading venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and execs from the Kauffman Foundation. New members include Carl Schramm, CEO of The Kauffman Foundation;  Steve Blank, an entrepreneur and professor at Stanford and Berkeley;  Greg Gottesman, managing director… Read More


Does working at Microsoft really turn your brain numb?

Call it the Silicon Valley invasion. Facebook, Google, HP, Zynga and — driven by an insatiable need for talented software engineers — have all established fast-growing engineering centers in the Seattle area in recent years to mine the riches of the Northwest tech community. But what’s the real reason they are all coming here?… Read More


Why startups fail: Lack of focus

At the Lean Startup Seattle meetup last week, Madrona Venture Group’s Greg Gottesman explained the importance of entrepreneurial focus. After all, at least as the Seattle venture capitalist sees it, the best startup ideas are those “where you figure out what you can be the the best in the world at.” That’s a tall order… Read More


Portland Seed Fund tests public-private VC model: Could a similar idea take root in Seattle?

On the GeekWire podcast last week, we chatted with Rick Turoczy of Portland’s Silicon Florist blog about the differences between the Seattle and Portland startup communities. One of the big ones, which we didn’t get a chance to discuss, is the Portland Seed Fund. A unique public-private partnership, the fund is designed to funnel seed-stage… Read More