Urs Hözle

Google exec: Cloud business will be ‘easily bigger’ than online advertising

SAN FRANCISCO – When it comes to the cloud, Google is taking the long view. Urs Hözle, Google’s Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure, said during today’s Google Cloud Platform Live Conference that, while people using the public cloud make up a minority of developers and IT professionals right now, cloud services will continue to grow… Read More

Gmail Logo

Gmail steps up security with always-on HTTPS

Gmail users can rest a little bit easier today after Google announced that users sending and receiving email through its service will have their messages encrypted using HTTPS. Most users won’t experience much for change. Google enabled HTTPS encryption for Gmail users at the service’s launch, and made encryption the default for Gmail users in… Read More


Icahn now in favor of eBay having partial custody of PayPal

Let the custody battles begin. Shareholder activist Carl Icahn reversed course today, saying he no longer supported the idea that PayPal be completely spun off from eBay. Since January, Icahn has been pressuring the online retailer and payments company to sell its fast-growing payments business, and has been critical of how well the company’s board has… Read More

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt says students should use Google Docs over Office ‘because it’s free!’

Why use Google Docs over Microsoft Word? According to Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, there’s a very simple answer. As a part of CNN’s ongoing “Chicagoland” documentary series, cameras followed Schmidt, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and IBM exec Stanley Litow into one of Chicago’s IBM-funded technical schools. As a part of the executives’ visit, a teacher… Read More


OK Google, make me a smartwatch: ‘Android Wear’ brings Google’s mobile OS to the wrist

Google announced today that it’s launching Android Wear, a version of its mobile operating system that’s designed to work with smartwatches to give users access to notifications and data from their phones on their wrists. The system is designed to give users an easy way to look at information from their smartphone without pulling it… Read More


Workers report increased productivity after Google chat services suffer outage

Several Google services from Hangouts to Gmail Chat went down Monday morning, causing some stress — as well as better productivity — for those that rely on the tools to communicate. The Google Apps Status Dashboard shows “service disruption” for Hangouts, Google Spreadsheets and Google Talk, all of which have been down for the past hour or… Read More


Google Cloud Platform roadshow aims to lure companies from Azure, AWS

Google’s cloud services team is going on an international tour in a bid to bring companies onto its cloud services platform, the company announced today. Following its Google Cloud Platform Live conference later this month, representatives from the company’s cloud team will visit 25 different cities in Europe, Asia and North America. The roadshow is… Read More


UP Global, Google to support women entrepreneurs with new worldwide initiative

The lack of females in startups and tech is a big issue to many, and now, Seattle-based UP Global is teaming up with Google in an effort to help support women entrepreneurs. UP Global, the Seattle non-profit that formed last year through the combination of Startup America and Startup Weekend, is launching an initiative called “Startup Women,” that… Read More

Wires. Photo via Hallieg

Commentary: Four reasons why Google fiber will never come to Seattle

Google is bringing high speed fiber broadband networks to homes and businesses in three cities – Kansas City, Austin and Provo. In February, it announced 34 more cities it will approach for building fiber – Portland, Phoenix, Atlanta and more. But not Seattle. And Seattle won’t be making Google’s list anytime soon. The “Seattle Process” and a balky… Read More


What’s on the menu? Ask Google

Scouting the menu of a new dinner place can be a frustrating experience. Google wants to help. When people search for a restaurant’s menu on Google, they get a special search result that lays out the menu for them to flip through, without having to get into a restaurant’s website. The offerings are sorted into… Read More


Fortune’s most-admired companies: Apple 1st; Amazon 2nd; Microsoft 24th

Fortune released its annual list of “most-admired companies” today, and Apple remained at the helm as Microsoft dropped out of the top 20. While Apple stayed ahead of the pack, rival Microsoft dropped seven spots from 2013′s rankings to 24th. Six Washington-based companies made the list, including: Amazon (2nd), Starbucks (5th), Costco (12th), Nordstrom (17th),… Read More


Google to Glassholes: Stop making us look bad

It seems like Google is finally coming to the realization that the worst enemy of Google Glass may not be any of the direct competitors, but Glass users themselves. For better or worse, the first interactions people have with Google Glass are through members of the Glass Explorer program who are wearing the device out… Read More


Google rivals not so sure about European antitrust deal

Google has published the full text of its proposed antitrust agreement with the European Union following an outcry from the company’s competitors. Last week, the European Commission announced that it had reached a settlement with the search giant that would change how Google handles search results in Europe. It said that Google would be setting aside… Read More


Chart: The top tech companies for internships

It’s that time of year when college students start perusing internship opportunities. And to make the process a bit easier, Glassdoor has released a list of the 25 highest rated companies which are hiring interns this year. It also put together the map above showing where internships are geographically located right now. Thirteen tech companies… Read More


VMWare teams with Google to offer Windows for Chrome OS

Google wants to help businesses replace their old Windows XP machines with shiny new Chromebooks … that run Windows. The company announced today that it’s partnering with VMWare to bring Windows to Chrome OS with VMWare’s Horizon Desktop as a Service program. The partnership will allow businesses to set users up with a virtual Windows desktop that… Read More


Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer: ‘We’re eager to start this new era with Microsoft’

Marissa Mayer has been clear about her dissatisfaction with Yahoo’s Microsoft search partnership in the past — saying at last year’s Goldman Sachs technology conference that the partnership needed to produce better financial results, and the companies needed to stop just trading market share. However, at the same conference yesterday, the Yahoo CEO expressed a… Read More


Expedia CEO discusses Google smackdown

Shares of Expedia took a hit last month after SearchEngineLand reported that the Bellevue online travel giant had lost about 25 percent of its search visibility on Google after it was allegedly penalized for paying for links to boost its search ranking. In a conference call last week in which the company reported strong earnings, Expedia… Read More