Google unveils new self-driving car, steering wheel and pedals not included

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin unveiled one of the secret projects Google X has been working on at Re/code’s Code Conference tonight, and it’s … pretty adorable. The tech giant’s advanced research unit has been working on a prototype self-driving car that’s designed to get people from one place to another without requiring any physical user… Read More


The next battleground for Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Google: Artificial Intelligence

  Digital personal assistants today can help you send messages, place phone calls, schedule meetings or find answers from the Internet. But there’s evidence that all the major tech giants are investing heavily in artificial intelligence to try and make digital assistants do a whole lot more helpful. At least that is what Raj Singh, the founder and CEO… Read More

Amazon is a top 10 brand. Chart via Statista.

Chart: joins Google, Microsoft and Apple in list of top global brands joined the ranks of the world’s top10  brands, jumping four spots with a brand value of $64.2 billion, according to the Millward Brown BrandZ study. Amazon, which is holding its annual shareholders meeting today in Seattle, ranked higher than its brick-and-mortar retail rival Walmart (#22) and e-commerce competitor eBay (#61). Amazon is the first… Read More


Microsoft’s Xbox loses Twitch to Google’s YouTube (and why that matters)

Google has reportedly beat out Microsoft and others to reach a deal to buy Twitch, a popular videogame streaming company. The acquisition, which is expected to cost $1 billion, according to Variety, will give YouTube a war chest of content that appeals to the hardcore gamer. Over the past three years, San Francisco-based Twitch has become the ESPN of… Read More

Apple's University Village store. (Credit: Apple)

Apple and Google reach settlement in patent disputes

Apple and Google have reached a settlement in a series of fierce patent battles — marking a major legal truce between the companies responsible for the leading smartphone platforms. The two companies told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit today that they have agreed to drop all outstanding patent litigation — although they stopped short of licensing their patent… Read More


Microsoft, Apple earn top marks on data privacy scorecard; Amazon falls short

The Electronic Frontier Foundation today released the latest edition of its “Who Has Your Back?” report that examines how major tech companies handle government requests for data, and a number of major tech giants scored remarkably well. It’s the first of these reports to be released after disclosures about the NSA’s surveillance activities, and it’s clear… Read More


Google selling Glass to everyone

Google has quietly started selling its Glass headwear to anyone who wants it, assuming they’re willing to shell out $1,500 for the privilege. The company said today that it saw an “overwhelming” response when it allowed anyone to buy the device during a one-day sale, and had re-stocked supplies of Glass to allow anyone to… Read More


Microsoft reportedly prepping music locker for Xbox Music

Xbox Music users who want to have their hard-to-find music available on the go may be in luck. LiveSino has found references in source code on Microsoft’s OneDrive website to a new OneDrive Music folder, which will allow users of Microsoft’s storage service to upload tracks to their OneDrive account, and then access their tunes from Xbox… Read More

Image by Leonardo Rizzi on Flickr

Amazon, Microsoft ask FCC to maintain Net Neutrality

Internet companies from around the U.S. — including Amazon and Microsoft — have banded together to try and pressure the Federal Communications Commission into adopting rules that would maintain net neutrality. The New America Foundation, a non-partisan think-tank, published an open letter from more than 100 tech companies asking the FCC to avoid adopting rules… Read More


Watch out, Yelp: Google acquires restaurant website builder Appetas

Google has acquired Appetas, a Seattle-based startup that helps restaurants build websites. In a blog post, Appetas co-founders Keller Smith and Curtis Fonger note that they will be shutting down their company to join Google. “Google shares Appetas’ vision for bringing incredibly simple experiences to merchants that strengthen their business,” they wrote. “We’re very excited to use… Read More


Microsoft tests demand for $199 laptop, biting back at Google Chromebooks

Google’s low-priced Chromebooks are adding a new wrinkle to a PC market already being undercut by tablets. Microsoft has promised to make it easier for computer makers to compete with lower-priced Windows machines. And just in case there were any doubts, a promotion launched by Microsoft today shows that price does matter. Microsoft’s online and physical retail stores are offering… Read More


Nuance responds to privacy concerns over its Swype keyboard having too much location data

Nuance is responding to privacy concerns today after customers complained that its Swype keyboard application was accessing their whereabouts excessively. In one case, a customer said his or her information was accessed nearly 4,000 times a day. While the post on the company’s forum is old, it was thrust into the spotlight this morning after it was posted on Y… Read More


Google takes aim at Office for iPad with new productivity apps

Well, that was quick. Google announced standalone iOS and Android apps for its Docs, Sheets and Slides productivity web apps today, striking at Microsoft’s newly-launched Office for iPad suite. The Mountain View-based company already offered users the same capabilities through its Google Drive app, but the three standalone apps launched today have the benefit of providing users with… Read More


Hiring spree: Amazon adds 7,000 more employees, topping 124,000 worldwide

Amazon continued its trend of explosive headcount growth this quarter, adding 7,300 new employees to its workforce, which now totals 124,600 full- and part-time workers. That’s a stark contrast to some of its tech industry counterparts, including Google and Microsoft, which both saw significantly smaller headcount gains in the quarter. Microsoft added 982 employees in… Read More

Vic Gundotra

Google+ leader Vic Gundotra is leaving the company

Vic Gundotra, the former Microsoft executive who went on to lead Google’s push into social networking with the launch of Google+, is leaving the search giant after eight years with the company. Google+ has struggled to compete with Facebook’s place in the popular zeitgeist, but its connections to Google’s online services and search engine has made it… Read More


Microsoft hopes to move students away from Google with ad-free version of Bing

Microsoft has rolled out a custom Bing search engine for schools, allowing administrators to enable an ad-free version of Bing with privacy controls and filters that block adult content. Microsoft first debuted this program in August — back then it was called “Bing for Schools” — to 4.5 million students in a select number of schools, but now is… Read More


Apple, Google — and now Amazon — offer game publishers top app store placement for exclusivity

Video game publishers are no strangers to signing exclusive deals with platforms, and now that practice is becoming apparent in the mobile gaming industry. A Wall Street Journal report this morning notes that Apple and Google are now offering mobile game publishers highly-coveted placement within their app stores in exchange for exclusivity. As a classic example, WSJ notes… Read More