Fortune’s most-admired companies: Apple 1st; Amazon 2nd; Microsoft 24th

Fortune released its annual list of “most-admired companies” today, and Apple remained at the helm as Microsoft dropped out of the top 20. While Apple stayed ahead of the pack, rival Microsoft dropped seven spots from 2013′s rankings to 24th. Six Washington-based companies made the list, including: Amazon (2nd), Starbucks (5th), Costco (12th), Nordstrom (17th),… Read More


Google to Glassholes: Stop making us look bad

It seems like Google is finally coming to the realization that the worst enemy of Google Glass may not be any of the direct competitors, but Glass users themselves. For better or worse, the first interactions people have with Google Glass are through members of the Glass Explorer program who are wearing the device out… Read More


Google rivals not so sure about European antitrust deal

Google has published the full text of its proposed antitrust agreement with the European Union following an outcry from the company’s competitors. Last week, the European Commission announced that it had reached a settlement with the search giant that would change how Google handles search results in Europe. It said that Google would be setting aside… Read More


Chart: The top tech companies for internships

It’s that time of year when college students start perusing internship opportunities. And to make the process a bit easier, Glassdoor has released a list of the 25 highest rated companies which are hiring interns this year. It also put together the map above showing where internships are geographically located right now. Thirteen tech companies… Read More


VMWare teams with Google to offer Windows for Chrome OS

Google wants to help businesses replace their old Windows XP machines with shiny new Chromebooks … that run Windows. The company announced today that it’s partnering with VMWare to bring Windows to Chrome OS with VMWare’s Horizon Desktop as a Service program. The partnership will allow businesses to set users up with a virtual Windows desktop that… Read More


Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer: ‘We’re eager to start this new era with Microsoft’

Marissa Mayer has been clear about her dissatisfaction with Yahoo’s Microsoft search partnership in the past — saying at last year’s Goldman Sachs technology conference that the partnership needed to produce better financial results, and the companies needed to stop just trading market share. However, at the same conference yesterday, the Yahoo CEO expressed a… Read More


Expedia CEO discusses Google smackdown

Shares of Expedia took a hit last month after SearchEngineLand reported that the Bellevue online travel giant had lost about 25 percent of its search visibility on Google after it was allegedly penalized for paying for links to boost its search ranking. In a conference call last week in which the company reported strong earnings, Expedia… Read More


Google’s European antitrust deal will force changes in search results, advertising

There are going to be some big changes afoot in Google’s search results. The European Commission announced today that it had reached a settlement with the tech giant to end its multi-year antitrust investigation. The settlement will require Google to give more prominent placement to search results and services from its competitors in Europe. The news… Read More


Regulators: Hey Google, move that barge!

Google needs to find a new home for its floating mystery barge. The Bay Conservation and Development Commission in California told Google that its floating behemoth can’t continue to reside where it is in the San Francisco Bay, according to a report by the AP. The company is welcome to move the barge, which was… Read More


Google Now notifications coming to Chrome

Users of Google Chrome’s beta version will now have access to notifications from Google Now on their desktops. Google announced today that its intelligent notifications system, which is designed to bring users information about events, traffic, sports scores, package deliveries and more, will now have a home on its Chrome browser for Chrome OS, Mac… Read More


Photo: Massive Seahawks logo painted on Google’s Kirkland campus expansion

Microsoft and Amazon already showed Seahawks love today. Boeing impressed nearly everybody a day earlier with that special Seahawks-themed 747-8 jet. Now, construction workers building Google’s new office in Kirkland are in on the 12th Man fun, too. A giant Seahawks logo measuring 150-by-75 feet was hand-painted on the site of Google’s Kirkland campus expansion,… Read More


Google reports almost $16.7B in quarterly revenue, earnings below expectations

Google announced today that its revenue for the fourth quarter of 2013 was $16.68 billion, up 17 percent year-over-year, along with earnings of $12.01 per share. The company’s profit for the quarter was $4.1 billion, up from $3.57 billion in the year-ago quarter. The company beat expectations from the Thomson Reuters survey of financial analysts,… Read More


Chart: These 10 tech giants spent millions lobbying in D.C.

The tech industry is boosting its spending in Washington D.C., looking to grease the wheels of democracy and promote agendas that will benefit their corporations. A new report from Consumer Watchdog shows the top spending tech firms in terms of lobbying efforts, with AT&T leading in the telecommunications arena and Google coming in as the… Read More