Google takes aim at Office for iPad with new productivity apps

Well, that was quick. Google announced standalone iOS and Android apps for its Docs, Sheets and Slides productivity web apps today, striking at Microsoft’s newly-launched Office for iPad suite. The Mountain View-based company already offered users the same capabilities through its Google Drive app, but the three standalone apps launched today have the benefit of providing users with… Read More


Whoops: Google Docs breaks in Safari on the iPhone

Google has updated its Drive app for iOS, finally allowing users to edit documents in the app on their iDevice. In itself, this is a great improvement for iOS users, who previously could only view text documents in the app. Currently, editing is limited to word processing documents. Spreadsheets and presentations are still read-only. However,… Read More


Microsoft Office alternatives: Adoption low, but interest and impact high, new study shows

Despite rising interest in Google Docs and other Microsoft Office rivals, actual implementation of web-based and desktop alternatives remains relatively low among businesses. But their growth is still impacting Microsoft, as companies delay Microsoft Office upgrades to consider alternatives or use the threat of adopting them to negotiate better licensing deals with Microsoft. Those are… Read More