Ex-Valve employees raising $400K on Kickstarter for augmented reality, 3D-projection glasses

Maybe Valve should have kept these two around. Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson today launched a Kickstarter to raise $400,000 for their projected augmented reality glasses that display interactive 3D images right in front of you. The castAR specs are unlike wearable virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift, which can only project images into your eye instead… Read More


Specs on wheels: Women’s online eyeglass seller Rivet & Sway debuts pop-up shop on a tricycle

First robots, then custom suits, and now eye-glasses. Seattle sure is getting its share of local online apparel startups dropping physical temporary pop-up stores. The latest is from Rivet & Sway, a Seattle startup attempting to change the way women purchase prescription eyeglasses. Starting Wednesday and lasting through November, the company is placing a pop-up boutique on… Read More


Google reveals Project Glass: Is this your augmented reality?

Google is providing the first public glimpse of the augmented-reality glasses being developed by its Google X research group under the name “Project Glass.” But the initial images shown by the Project Glass team via its Google+ page reveal that the “glasses” aren’t really glasses in the traditional sense. Instead they’re frames that house a small device… Read More