Gist by Blackberry

RIM to shut down contact manager Gist on September 15

RIM is planning to shut down Gist, the personal contact management service that it acquired in February 2011. The service will cease operation on September 15th, and up until that time it is offering methods to switch one’s address book and contacts to other services. It is also recommending other contact management alternatives such as… Read More

Check out the "stache" on T.A., if you can?

Newsmakers 2011: T.A. McCann sells Gist to RIM

Persistence, courage and an ability to learn from failure. Those are some of the attributes of entrepreneurs, all traits exhibited by Gist founder and CEO T.A. McCann in 2011. One of Seattle’s most respected entrepreneurs, McCann sold personal contact organizer Gist to RIM in February. The deal marked the end of a 3-year startup voyage… Read More


Book smarts vs. street smarts: Which makes the best startup entrepreneurs? (Infographic)

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to start their respective companies, relying on their enormous intellect and technology experience to change the world. But Sergey Brin and Jerry Yang both received advanced degrees at Stanford, and things turned out pretty well for them. So, what’s an entrepreneur to do? Bypass the educational… Read More


RIM buys NewBay for $100M

Well, it must be acquisition day in the mobile arena. Following news that Nuance had purchased Swype, now comes word that Blackberry-maker RIM is paying $100 million for NewBay Software, reports All Things D. NewBay is headquarted in Ireland, but the 8-year-old company established its North American presence in Seattle last October. The deal is… Read More