Startup advice from Haiku Deck CEO: It’s not about the product — it’s how you make people feel

Adam Tratt’s first slide at yesterday’s Seattle Tech Meetup was simple: A picture of himself with the words “Don’t Be Like Me.” No, he wasn’t talking about the Adam Tratt of today, who is running an up-and-coming iPad presentation helper that won GeekWire’s App of the Year. Rather, he was referring to the Adam Tratt who started a… Read More


Here’s a way to attract developers: Give away puppies

Seattle startups have been pretty dang creative with how they hire talented developers. Two years ago, Cheezburger stood outside of an Amazon company meeting with free Dick’s cheeseburgers in hopes of luring talent away from the online giant. Then, now-defunct Giant Thinkwell tried giving away free cats in exchange for interviews. Scott Porad leads product development at dog sitting… Read More


Q&A: How this Seattle startup could take a bite out of Microsoft PowerPoint

Giant Thinkwell’s latest product, Haiku Deck, has been getting quite a bit of attention over the last few weeks.  We covered the team of three — Adam Tratt, Kevin Leneway, and Marc Kamaka — and the launch of their iPad-based presentation tool earlier this month. They were also one of the few startups that Valley celeb Robert Scoble interviewed while… Read More


Our startup’s pivot: Three important lessons we learned

More than any other word, pivot has come to define startup life. Without the pivot, YouTube would have been a dating site, Groupon an app for staging protests, and Instagram a location-based game. Framed in the context of billion-dollar valuations, it’s easy to gloss over just how tricky and uncomfortable it can be to shift… Read More


Where are they now? Update on the TechStars Class of 2010

Some have gone out of business. Several have changed course. And most are still hanging their shingle in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, looking to transform everything from the way we watch TV to how we manage airline miles. As TechStars Seattle gets ready to launch a new batch of hatchlings on Thursday (full list… Read More


Video: Sir Mix-A-Lot makes the greatest PR pitch ever

Technology reporters and bloggers get countless appeals for coverage every day — so much that it’s tough sometimes to sort it all out. But when Sir Mix-A-Lot makes his pitch in a personal video message, it’s difficult to ignore. See the video above to get a sense for how the rap legend and his partners… Read More

The Giant Thinkwell team on the GeekWire podcast earlier this year.

Rewind: Can these 3 funny guys build a viable startup?

There’s no question that the guys at Seattle startup Giant Thinkwell are funny, as evidenced by their April Fool’s Day stunt outside of the headquarters. But can they build a successful business? That’s one of the questions we tried to pin them down on during the GeekWire Podcast this past weekend. Joining us were… Read More