David Bluhm, co-founder of Z2, speaks at the GeekWire Summit last year. (© Karen Ducey 2012)

Why this mobile gaming vet says HTML5 is not the future

The promise of HTML5 has captivated mobile developers for a long time now. But the debate still rages: Should devs spend their time and energy tinkering with HTML5 or moving forward with native apps? Depending upon who you ask that question, you’ll likely get a very different answer.  Mobile gaming veteran David Bluhm – whose Seattle… Read More

Geekwire Summit 2012

Q&A: Hulu CTO Richard Tom on the future of television

It’s rather stunning to think that Hulu was just a germ of an idea five years ago. Obviously, the entertainment industry has experienced a tectonic shift of epic proportions in that time. Backed by the likes of NBC Universal, News Corporation and The Walt Disney Company, Hulu has very quickly become one of the most… Read More

Ray Ozzie

Startup insights and inspiration from Ray Ozzie

[Editor's Note: Journalist Robert McClure, co-founder of InvestigateWest, attended the GeekWire Summit yesterday and shared this report about Ray Ozzie's comments on the startup environment.] As someone who came out of legacy media and is really proud that the startup I co-founded is still standing nearly three years later, I couldn’t help but feel admiration for Ray… Read More

Geekwire Summit

Video: Rock star Dave Dederer at the GeekWire Summit

At the conclusion of yesterday’s GeekWire Summit, we were honored to be joined by one of our favorite Seattle-based musicians, Dave Dederer, a founding member of the alt-rock band Presidents of the United States of America. Dederer, who got into the tech business with startup Melodeo and now works at HP, talked about the evolution… Read More


Live from the GeekWire Summit

[The program will start around 1:30 p.m.] We’ve lined up some great speakers this afternoon for the GeekWire Summit in Seattle — including conversations with online collaboration pioneer Ray Ozzie and Hulu technology chief Richard Tom, plus panels featuring executives and engineers from Facebook, T-Mobile USA, Rhapsody, Swype, Z2Live, the University of Washington and more…. Read More


Infographic: Seattle Geeks vs. Silicon Valley Geeks

We’re getting ready to kick off the big GeekWire Summit this afternoon — marking GeekWire’s first anniversary by bringing together tech leaders from around the region and the country for a conversation about the future of technology and innovation in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. As a lighthearted way of commemorating the occasion, we’ve partnered… Read More


Name that Tech Tune, for a chance to win a ticket to the GeekWire Summit

Updated below with answer and winner. There is almost no doubt that the song in this week’s Name that Tech Tune contest will sound familiar to you. It’s a ringtone, and you’ve probably heard it hundreds of times. But here’s the challenge: Can you identify the wireless company it’s associated with? Send your answer to contest@geekwire.com. From the… Read More

Hulu CTO Richard Tom

GeekWire Summit Preview: Hulu’s CTO explains how they rose to the top by rolling their own

Many of us think of Hulu as the place to catch up on our favorite shows. But at its heart, Hulu is “a technology company first,” says Richard Tom, Hulu’s chief technology officer. Exhibit A: Hulu’s decision to build its own video advertising system, without leveraging third-party services — developing everything from campaign management to ad serving,… Read More


GeekWire Summit: Great speakers, and 1 day left for early bird rates

We’re less than three weeks away from the inaugural GeekWire Summit, our half-day technology conference the afternoon of March 7 in downtown Seattle. Today we’re pleased to announce the near-final lineup of GeekWire Summit speakers, including influential technology leaders from Seattle, Boston, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. We also wanted to pass along a reminder that… Read More


Introducing the GeekWire Summit: Our new conference will go inside the future of tech

As journalists and participants in the Pacific Northwest tech community, we’ve long believed that Seattle deserves a world-class tech conference that involves people not only from our region but also from other tech hubs such as Silicon Valley and Boston — bringing leaders together for a conversation about the future of technology and innovation in the Northwest and… Read More