GeekWire Calendar Picks: Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in Seattle

With fall upon us, it’s a busy season for books, and a look at the GeekWire Calendar shows some great events coming up in Seattle featuring some newly-published authors. First, I’m fortunate to be interviewing Alexis Ohanian — entrepreneur, investor, co-founder of Reddit, Y Combinator “ambassador” and All-Around Defender of the Free Internet — about… Read More

BrickCon 2011 Exhibition

GeekWire Calendar: Startup Week, BrickCon, and more events to thrill and chill

I don’t know about you, but October happens to be my favorite month. It’s when all the ghouls, ghosts, and geeks come out! October is the month for watching scary movies, touring haunted houses and attending some electrifying events at Seattle’s Startup Week! It’ll be scary… how much you’ll learn! Mmmwhahahahaha! No seriously, check out all… Read More

GeekWire calendar shoot

Geeks Who Give Back: Erica McGillivray, GeekGirlCon

[Editor's Note: GeekWire has identified more than a dozen "Geeks Who Give Back" -- people who work in non-profits, mentor others and invest in the future of the tech community. They were all featured in the GeekWire 2012 Calendar, given out at the GeekWire Gala. As 2011 draws to a close, we'll highlight one of... Read More

GeekWire calendar shoot

GeekWire Gala: Get our killer calendar at the big event

Are you coming to the GeekWire Gala on Dec. 8? Here’s one of the surprises we’ve been working on. Everyone who attends will get a GeekWire 2012 Calendar, a special project we’ve developed in partnership with the talented team at Red Box Pictures, with the support of a great lineup of sponsors. As you can… Read More