Geek on the Street at Macworld: Here’s what Apple fans think about Office for iPad

SAN FRANCISCO–As Satya Nadella kicked off his presentation announcing the much-anticipated release of Microsoft Office for iPad, Apple fans were getting their day started at the annual Macworld/iWorld convention held a few blocks away in the City by the Bay. GeekWire stopped by the gathering of Mac- and iOS-heads yesterday afternoon to see how the… Read More


VIDEO: Why these people bought a Microsoft Surface

Why wait in line for a Microsoft Surface? That’s the question we asked outside the Microsoft Store in Seattle today. Yes, the line at Seattle’s University Village included lots of people who either work for Microsoft, used to work for the company, or are close to people who do. This is Microsoft’s backyard, after all…. Read More


iPad fans react to a Windows 8 tablet — will they switch?

Will iPad lovers give Windows 8 tablets a chance? That’s the question we asked for this week’s installment of Geek on the Street. GeekWire stood outside of the Apple Store in Seattle’s University Village, and showed people who came out of the store a tablet running Microsoft’s new operating system. The hardware we used was the very basic… Read More


Geek on the Street: Can Myspace make a comeback?

Myspace is attempting a comeback. Yes, you read that right. The former social media kingpin is looking to dust off its keyboards and become a player again in what has become an extremely competitive industry from when the company was originally founded in 2003. Myspace, purchased for $35 million last year by a group that… Read More


Inside the minds of those crazy iPhone 5 campers

What causes people to camp out overnight for the privilege of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a gadget? That’s the question we aimed to answer this morning at the Apple Store in Seattle’s University Village shopping center, talking with people at the front of the line for the iPhone 5. Here are excerpts from our… Read More


Geek on the Street: Microsoft Surface in high demand

The geeks were out in force for last night’s gdgt live event in Seattle, so we seized the opportunity to do one of our periodic “Geek on the Street” polls — although technically the setting wasn’t the street, but rather the nicely air conditioned Showbox SODO. Our question this time around: Which tablet will be… Read More


Geek on the Street: Why are you in line for an iPhone 4S?

It might not have the appeal of an iPhone 5, but tomorrow’s launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S has still managed to attract a line outside of the Apple Store at Seattle’s University Village shopping center this evening, complete with the traditional lawn chairs signaling their intention to stick it out overnight. OK, to be precise,… Read More


Geek on the Street: What did Steve Jobs mean to you?

At Seattle’s University Village today, people are stopping at the Apple Store to pay respects to the company’s late co-founder Steve Jobs with flowers, cards and messages written on the outside of the store, which is boarded up for renovation. We spent time this afternoon talking with several of the people who gathered there, asking… Read More