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Beyond coffee and rain: These geeks want to make an awesome short film about Seattle’s tech community

Seattle is one of the most vibrant technology ecosystems in the world — home to tech titans like Amazon, Expedia and Microsoft as well as tons of up-and-coming startups in industries ranging from gaming to biotechnology to aerospace. And then there are all of the Silicon Valley giants — Facebook, Google, eBay,, Splunk, etc…. Read More


Why this tech company thrives on the color orange (even for the toilet paper in the bathrooms)

Some tech companies are known for their openness or work-life balance or design-oriented products. At Avalara, the culture is defined by the color orange. Orange? Yep, the Bainbridge Island company, which is in the rather mundane, but fast-growing business of making sales tax automation software, embraces the color orange like no other. On the wardrobes… Read More


Twitter mystery: The strange case of Lockerz and the Ethiopian supermodel

Lockerz, the heavily-funded Seattle social commerce startup backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, DAG Ventures and others, is going through a transition with executives departing; products changing and assets being sold off. And now something funky is going on with the company’s Twitter account, which up until a few days ago boasted more than 600,000 followers on… Read More


Kim Thompson, 1956-2013: Fantagraphics co-publisher helped shape the comic book industry

Kim Thompson, the pioneering comics publisher who along with Gary Groth helped define the comics book industry though their Fantagraphics publishing house, has died of lung cancer at the age of 56. “Kim leaves an enormous legacy behind him,” said Groth, who worked alongside Thompson for 36 years. “Not just all the European graphic novels… Read More


Video: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ checks out Google Glass for first time: ‘How do I reset?’

Follow up: Q&A: Star Trek’s ‘Data’ on autism, space travel and the link between humanity and technology Google Glass is the type of futuristic gadget you might see on Star Trek. So, what does Lieutenant Commander Data — also known as actor Brent Spiner — think of the futuristic eyewear? Spiner got a first-hand look today when… Read More


Yes, I’m from frickin’ Ohio, and I cuss up a storm

Those around the GeekWire offices know that I occasionally like to drop an f-bomb or two every once in a while. It’s not in anger, typically. It just kind of feels nice rolling off the tongue. Now, I’ve got an excuse for my potty mouth. It’s a cultural thing. I’m from mother f***ing Ohio, dammit!… Read More

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Slideshow: 7 steps to raise a geek child

GeekWire columnist Frank Catalano wrote one of our favorite posts of all time with his seven tips for raising a geek child. Now, it’s back in an entirely new form. (See below) Catalano’s goal at the time was to help parents raise well-balanced proto-geeks “who keep their nerd heritage and don’t wind up living in… Read More