Inside ‘Caradigm’: Microsoft, GE aim to reshape health care — starting with data

The new company spanning multiple floors of this Bellevue office tower is no ordinary startup. It’s called Caradigm — think “health care” and “paradigm” — and it’s a 50-50 joint venture of two corporate giants, Microsoft and GE, created out of their respective health care technology units last year. Caradigm has been operating quietly since… Read More


New details on Caradigm, Microsoft’s joint venture with GE — and yes, that’s the name

Microsoft and General Electric this morning confirmed that they’ve given the name “Caradigm” to their new health-technology joint venture, and announced the Microsoft and GE executives who will be making the switch to lead the new company. The name Caradigm had surfaced earlier in trademark filings, but the companies hadn’t previously confirmed it. So where… Read More