Gas Powered Games cancels Kickstarter for ‘Wildman’

Gas Powered Games unplugged its Kickstarter campaign for ‘WIldman‘ this afternoon with four days left and more than $500,000 to raise. We’ve been reporting for the past month about how CEO Chris Taylor had to let go of nearly his entire staff in January due to poor funding on Kickstarter. But then a week later, Taylor told us that he… Read More


Gas Powered CEO Chris Taylor: “We’ve regrouped and are focused on winning”

We’ve been writing about how Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor had to let go of his entire staff due to the struggling Kickstarter campaign for GPG’s new game WIldman. And even though Taylor seemed pessimistic about the project in a recent video, he told GeekWire Tuesday night that the campaign is doing “much better.” In his most recent Kickstarter video update,… Read More


Gas Powered CEO lays off employees, then nearly breaks down when asking for more money on Kickstarter

Chris Taylor, CEO of Redmond-based Gas Powered Games, starts this video on Kickstarter off like this: “This is the wackiest video update you’ll ever see,” he says. He’s not lying. An emotional Taylor nearly comes to tears as he explains this extremely odd story. Here’s what’s going on. Less than a week after launching a… Read More