PlayStation 4 sales hit 7M

Sony announced a new milestone for the PlayStation 4 today, as the company has sold through more than 7 million consoles globally as of April 6. On March 4, Sony noted that it passed 6 million consoles sold worldwide. The company, which launched the PS4 on Nov. 15, also announced today that more than 20.5 million copies of… Read More


The rise of eSports: More people watch video game competitions than major sporting events

The popularity of electronic sports — or, eSports for short — is somewhat astounding, and new data from SuperData Research proves it. SuperData, a digital games market intelligence company, conducted a study of the eSports industry and found that more than 71 million people watch competitive gaming worldwide — an eight-fold increase from four years… Read More

disney infinity

Disney Interactive to lay off 700 in restructuring; Seattle operations to remain intact

Disney is confirming a large-scale restructuring today that will result in the firing of hundreds of employees, representing 26 percent of its global workforce. But a source said there will be little to no impact felt in Seattle, where employees will continue to be tasked with developing the Facebook and mobile game, Marvels: Avengers Alliance. A spokesperson… Read More


Internet’s obsession with Gabe Newell comes through during Valve CEO’s Reddit Q&A

People on the Internet seem to be obsessed with Valve CEO Gabe Newell and that much was obvious during Newell’s Reddit Ask-Me-Anything session this afternoon. For example: One person said he hadn’t showered since meeting Newell in 2011 and taking a picture with him. “That’s a long time not to shower,” Newell responded. Another person… Read More


Game discounts: Steam will let developers launch their own sales, Valve confirms

When gamers talk about Valve’s Steam e-commerce platform, the conversation almost inevitably comes to sales. The company’s massive quarterly discount extravaganzas have become legendary for both their value and their ability to assist customers in parting with their money. Now, every day could be sale day on Steam. According to screenshots and images from the… Read More


Microsoft ships 3.9M Xbox Ones, 3.5M Xbox 360′s

In its quarterly earnings report released today, Microsoft announced that it shipped 3.9 million Xbox One consoles to retail channels during the three months ending Dec. 31. Earlier this month, Microsoft said it sold 3 million Xbox One consoles to customers in its 13 launch countries. The company is still lagging behind Sony, which has sold… Read More

Washburn WEB

How this university is using video games to help teenage girls find careers in science, math fields

Tayloe Washburn is no stranger to taking the lead on massive, lucrative projects. The former lawyer helped organize teams that executed on important tasks such as the $3.1 billion Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel and the construction of a third runway at Seattle-Tacoma International. But the national initiative that Washburn is now helping push ahead inside… Read More


Penny Arcade shutters video network and news site

Seattle area-based gaming comic Penny Arcade has decided to roll back its empire-building plans. The Penny Arcade Report, the company’s video game news site, has shut its doors, and Penny Arcade TV, the company’s platform for gaming-related videos, will no longer release new content from third parties come January 1. The fourth season of Penny… Read More

UpTap co-founder Daniel Bernstein.

Daniel Bernstein’s UpTap raises $160K to fuel development of tablet, mobile games

Daniel Bernstein’s newest venture hasn’t quite found the level of success that Sandlot Games sustained during the last decade. But at just a little over one year old, UpTap continues to raise money as it builds out its library of games. Bernstein, a Seattle area entrepreneur best known for founding Cake Mania-maker Sandlot Games, is now running… Read More

David Bluhm

Mobile gaming vet David Bluhm partners with Wargaming for new Seattle game publisher

One of Seattle’s most accomplished entrepreneurs is jumping back into the gaming industry with some ambitious goals. David Bluhm, co-founder of companies like Z2, Handson Mobile and 2Way, is leading a Seattle-based unnamed games development and publishing company in partnership with fast-growing Wargaming, maker of the popular free-to-play game World of Tanks. The new entity is 100… Read More


Advice from Valve’s Gabe Newell: Success in gaming doesn’t need to run through publishers or platforms

Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell has advice for young-ins wanting to break into the game industry: Start creating now and don’t wait for a position with a big publisher. Newell was on a panel at Seattle’s Museum of History & Industry this morning speaking about video games with people like 343 Industries’ Kiki Wolfkill and… Read More


Xbox Live Marketplace now called Xbox Games Store

Bye bye, Xbox Live Marketplace. Days after Microsoft moved from Microsoft Points to real world currency, the company has rebranded its Xbox Live Marketplace to simply “Xbox Games.” The new Xbox Games Store compliments the Xbox Music Store and Xbox Video Store. Both moves are part of Microsoft’s goal of easing the transition from Xbox 360… Read More


Sony takes jab at Microsoft, touts consistency in maintaining ‘fair’ policies

While Microsoft did a little flip-flopping with some of the Xbox One policies, Sony has remained steady with its rules for the PlayStation 4. Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House wanted to reiterate this fact and used his time on stage at the big GamesCom conference in Germany to do so on Tuesday. “While others have shifted their… Read More


RealNetworks buys social casino game Slingo for $15.6M as ‘Zynga Slingo’ shuts down

RealNetworks’ GameHouse division continued making a splash in the social gaming arena today, announcing the acquisition of social casino company Slingo Inc. for $15.6 million. Slingo is an immensely popular online game with billions of plays over its 17-year-old history. Interestingly enough, Slingo set up a partnership with Zynga in March 2012, which helped bring Slingo to Facebook. But just… Read More