Reed Hastings

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings on competition with Amazon and what’s next with game consoles

While his company’s stock is still rising in after hours trading, and looks like it may top $400 a share on its latest quarterly earnings report, Reed Hastings doesn’t seem that excited. On a video call with analysts following the company’s quarterly earnings disclosures, Hastings seemed cool, collected and confident, but not eager. Netflix is… Read More


Photos: PopCap’s Zombies take over the Space Needle

The zombies are here! The zombies are here! Seattle’s iconic Space Needle has been taken over by those marauding zombies from PopCap Games, which today is releasing  “Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time.” The PR stunt got rolling this morning, and continues with other activities at the Space Needle, including autograph sessions and photo ops with… Read More


Amazon rumored to be working on a game console

If a new rumor is true, Amazon may be getting into the console business by the end of this year. According to a report by GameInformer, Amazon is rumored to be developing an Android-powered game console for release in late 2013, in time for the holiday shopping season, complete with its own dedicated controller. Following… Read More


The Xbox 180: Why designing the business matters

The big story in June was Microsoft’s Xbox One announcement, and their abrupt about-face on used games and online connectivity. In an attempt to enable new scenarios based on online services linked to physical discs, they angered gaming enthusiasts by changing the rules of the business. It’s an all-too-common phenomenon, where high-profile companies make business… Read More


Age of Empires on the iPad? Microsoft reportedly bringing its games to iPhone, Android

Japan-based news outlet Nikkei just reported that Microsoft will bring its first-party Xbox and PC games to the iPhone, as well as Android smartphones. First spotted by Reuters, Nikkei reports that Microsoft will partner with Japanese game-maker Klab to bring games like “Age of the Empires” to smartphones sometime in fiscal year 2013. Klab has already… Read More

Clallam Bay Corrections Center

Convicts to coders: Maximum security prison teaches inmates computer science

Clallam Bay Corrections Center, a maximum security prison on Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula, is worlds away from Seattle’s bustling high-tech and startup scene. Yet, an innovative educational program introduced last fall at the prison could connect these two disparate worlds around a very valuable asset: software developers. Working in conjunction with Peninsula College extension, the… Read More

Zynga's mission statement adorns the wall at the company's Seattle office

Zynga trims Seattle office

Zynga’s 2-year-old Seattle engineering office was largely spared in the game maker’s most recent layoff announcement, especially when compared to other branch offices that were reportedly shut down. But the layoffs of 18 percent of Zynga’s workforce are still having an impact in Seattle, though fairly minimal. According to a filing with the State of Washington’s… Read More