PlayStation 4 outsells Xbox One in the U.S. for 7th month in a row

Another month, another win for Sony. The PS4 was the best-selling console in the U.S. for July, marking the seventh consecutive month that Sony’s device has outsold Microsoft’s Xbox One. Sony noted earlier this week that nine months since debuting its PlayStation 4 console on Nov. 15, it has sold 10 million units to consumers worldwide. The company said… Read More


Seattle’s Undead Labs teams up with Kabam for new mobile role-playing game Moonrise

Undead Labs, the makers of zombie survival-horror game State of Decay, has teamed up with San Francisco-based game publisher Kabam to create Moonrise, a new role-playing game for mobile devices. Details about the game are fairly scarce right now, but it’s supposed to be a “multiplayer creature-collection RPG.” Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain said in… Read More


‘Dragons Adventure’ game for Windows blends real world and fantasy maps, for kids to play in moving car

Playing a game on a phone or tablet on the couch is one thing, but a new game for Windows Phone and Windows tablets shows what can happen when a moving vehicle and real-world location are part of the mix. The game, “Dragons Adventure: World Explorer,” is based on the “How to Train Your Dragon?” series, published by DreamWorks in partnership… Read More


Microsoft acquires SyntaxTree, boosting support for Unity game engine

Microsoft has acquired SyntaxTree, the developer of the UnityVS plugin for Visual Studio. The UnityVS tool allows game creators to use Microsoft’s development environment to write, browse and debug code for their games that are powered by Unity, a popular, cross-platform game engine that is used worldwide. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Unity… Read More

Double Down

Double Down Interactive parent IGT reportedly exploring sale

International Game Technology, the Las Vegas-based casino game maker, is looking for a buyer, according to a report today in Reuters. The company, which in early 2012 paid up to $500 million for Seattle social gaming powerhouse Double Down Interactive, currently boasts a market value of $3 billion. IGT’s value has dropped about 21 percent… Read More

Bobby Kotick

No pressure, Bungie: Activision sees ‘Destiny’ as a billion-dollar franchise

To say that gamers everywhere are eagerly awaiting “Destiny,” the new sci-fi shooter from Bellevue-based Bungie, is an understatement. And now, it’s clear that Activision, which is publishing the game, has incredibly high hopes for what’s to come. “We have a strong product pipeline for the balance of the year, beginning with the September 9th… Read More


Apple, Google — and now Amazon — offer game publishers top app store placement for exclusivity

Video game publishers are no strangers to signing exclusive deals with platforms, and now that practice is becoming apparent in the mobile gaming industry. A Wall Street Journal report this morning notes that Apple and Google are now offering mobile game publishers highly-coveted placement within their app stores in exchange for exclusivity. As a classic example, WSJ notes… Read More


Sev Zero: Hands-on with Amazon’s Halo knock-off

GeekWire’s Amazon Fire TV arrived on Thursday, and we’ve been doing some in-depth product testing at the GeekWire Labs.  After checking out the solid ESPN and Bloomberg TV apps, we dove into “Sev Zero,” the first-person shooter created by Amazon Game Studios, which normally sells for $7 but comes for free with the Fire TV’s… Read More


Interview: PopCap’s John Vechey says mistakes were made, but selling to EA wasn’t one

Since PopCap was acquired by Electronic Arts nearly three years ago, the Seattle-based game maker has had its fair share of troubles: Layoffs, game cancellations, studio closures and executive departures. But PopCap’s co-founder John Vechey, who was named as the executive in charge of PopCap in January, said he can’t blame the problems on Electronic… Read More


Amazon’s game controller: Pictures revealed in new filing

Pictures of an apparent Amazon game controller have been revealed in a filing with Brazil’s telecommunications agency, providing new clues about the Seattle company’s reported plans for moving into the living room with its own streaming media device and game console. The controller, pictures of which were published by Dave Zatz this morning, features Android navigation… Read More


Game discounts: Steam will let developers launch their own sales, Valve confirms

When gamers talk about Valve’s Steam e-commerce platform, the conversation almost inevitably comes to sales. The company’s massive quarterly discount extravaganzas have become legendary for both their value and their ability to assist customers in parting with their money. Now, every day could be sale day on Steam. According to screenshots and images from the… Read More


Jawfish Games flops, lays off staff after acquisition tanks

Jawfish Games appears to have taken its last breath. The Seattle online gaming startup, led by former professional poker player Phil Gordon, laid off its staff this week and is now in the process of “wrapping up operations,” according to a message posted to a Google Group Wednesday. According to the message from Gordon, Jawfish… Read More


Valve’s Steam platform now has 75 million users

Today at its Steam Dev Days conference, Valve announced that its Steam video-game platform now has 75 million active accounts. Less than three months ago in October, Valve said that there were 65 million active accounts, which marked a 30 percent growth in 2013. Valve now has many more users on its Steam platform than Microsoft’s… Read More

Lou Fasulo

Seattle mobile game maker Z2 cuts support staff

Z2, the Seattle mobile game maker behind titles such as Battle Nations; Metalstorm and Nitro, has laid off an undisclosed number of staffers in its quality assurance; localization and customer support groups. A combination of full-time and contractors lost their jobs as part of the changes. “We have pushed out the anticipated launch windows of… Read More

Video thumbnail for youtube video Xbox One: Skype, Game DVR and OneGuide will require paid Xbox Live subscription

Xbox One sales top 3 million in ‘epic launch’ for Microsoft game console

This holiday season left Microsoft a rather significant present. The Redmond-based company announced today that sales of the Xbox One have topped three million units, since the console’s launch in 13 countries on Nov. 22. That’s a million more consoles sold than Microsoft’s last disclosure less than a month ago. If Microsoft’s earlier claims that… Read More


Steam, Origin and others taken down in latest attacks against gaming services

Valve’s Steam platform, Activision Blizzard’s and EA’s Origin storefront were all brought down last night by Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks — as an ongoing campaign by digital miscreants started earlier this week continued, leaving players and developers in the lurch. We've directed the Gaben Laser Beam™ @ the EA login servers. Origin #offline — DERP… Read More


Watch: Hackers use the Wii U GamePad to stream PC games

This week at the 30th Chaos Communication Congress, a small group of hackers figured out a way to reverse engineer a Wii U GamePad to allow streaming of PC games directly to the controller. The hack is pretty neat, which manipulates the communication between the GamePad and its host controller, allowing gamers to play PC games… Read More


Blast from the past: Play hundreds of games from classic consoles in your browser

If you miss the good ‘ol days playing games like Donkey Kong and Missile Command on classic old-school consoles, there’s a new badass website you really should to check out. The Internet Archive just debuted the Console Living Room, a collection of console video games from the 1970s and 1980s. There are hundreds of Atari 2600, Atari 7800,… Read More