Microsoft Surface: The comeback story begins?

Two days and counting, my new Surface will arrive.  As an avid gadget guy, I’m pumped about this launch with Windows 8. Could this be the breakthrough consumer product that competes with the iPad?  Maybe. Here’s why: 1.  There’s the USB port, which I plan on using with external drives, scanners, and the like. 2. … Read More

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Battery breakthrough: New technology promises to triple lithium ion capacity

Remember those Energizer Bunny commercials touting batteries that kept going, and going, and going? Well, researchers at Washington State University have developed a new lithium ion battery that can actually keep going, and going, and going at about three times the current capacity. As part of the Science + Technology Discovery Series of the Technology Alliance Program,… Read More


Weekend blockbuster: Apple sells 5 million iPhone 5s

You’ve heard about the weekend blockbuster in the movies. Now, Apple has a similar hit on its hands in the gadget arena. The company announced today that it sold more than five million iPhone 5s in the first weekend, a record pace for the company. It also announced that more than 100 million iPads and… Read More


Apple’s iOS 6: Here’s what developers love (and hate)

Apple’s iOS 6 boasts more than 200 new features, many of them small fixes and incremental improvements. Others are bigger and bolder, like maps, turn-by-turn directions and the Passbook mobile wallet. But what’s really inside iOS 6? I reached out to some top Seattle area iOS app developers today to get their take on the… Read More


Poll: What do you think of the new iPhone 5?

Apple’s unveiling of the new iPhone 5 certainly got tech geeks chattering, with social media channels lighting up with hundreds of thousands of comments about the new device. But is it actually a good fit for you? There’s been plenty of criticism that Apple didn’t really show off anything that revolutionary with the device, which… Read More


What the new iPhone could mean for Apple, the economy and you

Just how big is Wednesday’s unveiling of the new iPhone? Consider this: J.P. Morgan’s Chief Economist, Michael Feroli, estimates that the new device, which has been dubbed by the tech media as the iPhone 5, could boost the U.S. economy’s gross domestic product on an annualized basis by $12.8 billion. Reuters reports on the analysis,… Read More


Consumer Reports for geeks: New ‘Decide Score’ uncovers the best and worst products already tells consumers when they should buy cameras, phones, refrigerators and other gadgets and appliances, analyzing price drops and increases. Now, the Seattle startup and brainchild of University of Washington computer scientist Oren Etzioni and others is getting into the recommendation business, assigning a score of 1 to 100 on more than 22,000 products… Read More


5 reasons I think you’re nuts if you own a naked iPhone

I pride myself on being able to argue reasonably, listen respectfully, consider new perspectives thoughtfully and — most of the time — withhold judgment. But I just don’t get it. Anyone who uses a newer iPhone without a case must be completely nuts. This includes close friends, tech geniuses, GeekWire’s Todd Bishop and all kinds… Read More


Here’s what people love (and hate) about the new iPad

Consumer Reports today issued a glowing recommendation of the new iPad, writing that the high-resolution screen “establishes a new benchmark in excellence” and that the overall performance of the touchscreen device is “superb.” In terms of the one of the biggest complaints to date — that the device is prone to overheating — the magazine… Read More


Report: Google testing mysterious new entertainment device

GigaOm today uncovered a pretty interesting tidbit about Google’s plans to test a new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled entertainment device in the homes of Google employees through July 17. The tests are to take place in Mountain View, California; New York, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Los Angeles. Reporter Stacey Higginbotham wonders if the application with the Federal Communications Commission means… Read More


Meet the SolMate: This case charges your iPhone in the sun (and shade)

Does your iPhone battery life get you down? Don’t worry. Two enterprising Seattle geeks believe they’ve solved that ongoing frustration with the SolMate, a innovative iPhone case whose razor-thin solar panel and 16-bit microcontroller circuit board provides a charge directly to the mobile device. Yes, the irony of the SolMate being developed in cloudy Seattle… Read More

The TouchFire keyboard for iPad

Event highlights iPad stands, robots and other gadgets

Despite the release of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire and the success of Microsoft’s Kinect, Seattle at it’s core is very much a software town. That’s kind of why we were interested in a new event Wednesday night in Seattle’s Sodo district. The free event, hosted by Seattle tech guru Chris Pirillo, will feature four gadgets… Read More

The TouchFire keyboard for iPad

TouchFire: iPad ‘screen-top’ keyboard aims to boost typing

The iPad is great for many things — watching movies, reading magazines or playing games. But when it comes to typing, the onscreen keyboard leaves something to be desired. Seattle-area engineers Steven Isaac and Brad Melmon are looking to solve that problem with TouchFire, a lightweight, silicone rubber keypad that overlays the iPad’s touchscreen. The… Read More