Valve boss Gabe Newell interviewed by ESPN: ‘The Internet is changing what sports is’

Gabe Newell has sat through thousands of interviews. His conversation that aired nationally on Sunday evening, though, was particularly unique. Newell, CEO and co-founder of Bellevue-based gaming company Valve, had an interview broadcasted to millions of people on ESPN2 as part of a 30-minute show about the massive Dota 2 tournament happening at Seattle’s Key Arena. Newell… Read More


Internet’s obsession with Gabe Newell comes through during Valve CEO’s Reddit Q&A

People on the Internet seem to be obsessed with Valve CEO Gabe Newell and that much was obvious during Newell’s Reddit Ask-Me-Anything session this afternoon. For example: One person said he hadn’t showered since meeting Newell in 2011 and taking a picture with him. “That’s a long time not to shower,” Newell responded. Another person… Read More


Valve’s Steam platform now has 75 million users

Today at its Steam Dev Days conference, Valve announced that its Steam video-game platform now has 75 million active accounts. Less than three months ago in October, Valve said that there were 65 million active accounts, which marked a 30 percent growth in 2013. Valve now has many more users on its Steam platform than Microsoft’s… Read More


Valve’s new Steam controller replaces joysticks with trackpads

Valve this week already announced a new operating system and plans for console hardware. Today, the Bellevue game company unveiled the Steam Controller. If it looks like something is missing, well, there is. The controller does not come with traditional analog joysticks and uses circular trackpads instead. These pads, meant for your left and right… Read More


Valve unveils Linux-based living room operating system SteamOS

Valve made the first of three scheduled announcements today, unveiling a free Steam operating system designed for living rooms and based on Linux. SteamOS is a stand-alone operating system made for PCs and built around Steam’s current platform. It “combines the rock-solid architecture of Linux with a gaming experience built for the big screen,” as Valve describes… Read More


Advice from Valve’s Gabe Newell: Success in gaming doesn’t need to run through publishers or platforms

Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell has advice for young-ins wanting to break into the game industry: Start creating now and don’t wait for a position with a big publisher. Newell was on a panel at Seattle’s Museum of History & Industry this morning speaking about video games with people like 343 Industries’ Kiki Wolfkill and… Read More


Why Valve’s company structure ‘felt a lot like high school’ to this ex-employee

Valve is well-known for its counterintuitive corporate culture, one in which bosses don’t exist and employees are encouraged to take big risks without consult. It’s helped the 17-year-old Bellevue company become one of the top game makers around. But one ex-Valve developer says that the unique structure certainly has some glaring downsides. In an interview on The Grey Area podcast,… Read More


Xi3 responds after Valve tries to distance itself from Piston gaming console

Two months ago at the Consumer Electronics Show, a new partnership between hardware manufacturer Xi3 and Valve seemed bright and happy. The two companies had announced a “development stage system optimized for computer gameplay on large high-definition television monitors” — a device called the Piston that can run Steam-based games on your TV. Xi3 even said it received an investment… Read More


‘Portal’ sitcom: Machinima hosting web series based on Valve’s classic game

Portal fans rejoice: Online video network Machinima is hosting a ‘Portal’-themed live action web series set to debut later this month. The show, produced by Wayside Creations, is called Aperture R&D and will premiere March 15. It’s based on workers at Portal‘s Aperture Laboratories and, based on the trailer, seems to mimic the game’s vibe and dark humor. “Based… Read More


Valve launches Steam for Linux with big sale

After nearly two months in beta mode, Valve has released Steam for Linux. You can get the Steam client from the Ubuntu Software Center.  Currently there are more than 50 Linux games on Steam and to celebrate the release, Valve is putting on a big week-long sale with games discounted by up to 75 percent.  Valve… Read More