Geek paradise: A video tour of the MakerHaus workshop

If there’s a geek paradise in Seattle, a 10,000-square-foot creative playground nestled in Fremont might just be it. Welcome to MakerHaus, a huge community-based working space for geeks, nerds, designers, makers and anyone else who has ever wanted to build something cool. After more than two months, MakerHaus has 121 members and seven businesses operating out… Read More


Seattle claims zombie world record from New Jersey

The sports world has L.A. vs. New York, but in the realm of the undead, the epic cross-country battle of our age is Seattle vs. New Jersey. And our hometown horrors have once again emerged victorious. Yes, that’s right, it’s a good day to be zombie in Seattle. A reported tally of more than 4,500 people took part… Read More