Here’s the winner of the two-sentence startup pitch session

After more than 30 entrepreneurial pitches and plenty of feedback from mentors in the Founder Institute accelerator program, the jury is in. The winner of the two-sentence startup pitch competition is … It’s not easy making a pitch in a simple two sentences, but entrepreneurs gave it their best shot in hopes of winning… Read More

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Startup pitch contest: Tell us your awesome startup idea and the experts will weigh in

We’re back for another installment of the Startup Pitch sessions in which entrepreneurs reveal their business ideas (in two sentences or less), and the experts weigh in with advice and feedback. At stake for the winning entrepreneur is a full scholarship to the upcoming 15-week Founder Institute technology accelerator, with the Seattle classes beginning April 9th…. Read More


The winner of the one-sentence pitch competition is … Portals

Well, after more than 40 pitches and nearly 200 comments, here’s our winner of the second annual GeekWire/Founder Institute pitch competition: Portals. As a result of the win, the Seattle startup earns a chance for a full scholarship for the Founder Institute’s fall semester entrepreneurial mentorship program, which begins this week. It also qualifies for a spot… Read More


The winner of the one-sentence startup pitch session is…

Can you summarize your startup company in one simple sentence? It may seem easy, but it’s hard to craft something punchy and memorable in a few words. As Mark Twain once famously quipped: “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” With that in mind, GeekWire and the Founder Institute asked entrepreneurs this… Read More


Startup pitch session: Tell us how you’ll change the world in one simple sentence

In this fast-moving world of sound bites and Twitter posts, getting your startup’s message boiled down into one simple digestible sentence is more important than ever. Now, here’s your chance to practice, with some nifty prizes for the winner. We’re hosting a “Startup Pitch Session” in conjunction with the Founder Institute over the next three… Read More