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Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally joins Google’s board

Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally has joined Google’s Board of Directors just a few weeks after retiring from the car giant earlier this month. Mulally was president and CEO of Ford Motor Co. for the past eight years. The 68-year-old was also a top candidate to succeed Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s CEO before Satya Nadella was hired… Read More

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Amazon tops list of most favored brands in America

Amazon is now the most favored brand in America, according to a new report. YouGov’s annual BrandIndex Year in Review ranked the Seattle-based online retailer ahead of all of the other brands in the U.S., according to a survey of more than 2.5 million participants. That means that it has unseated Ford, which had been… Read More


Maritz AND Mulally? Analyst floats new idea for Microsoft

Much of the speculation about Microsoft’s next CEO has focused on individual candidates for the job, but what if the company could land two veteran leaders with complementary technical and business experience, such as Ford CEO Alan Mulally and former Microsoft exec Paul Maritz? That’s the scenario outlined in a research note this morning by… Read More

Steve Ballmer and Alan Mulally

Ford CEO Alan Mulally: Exactly what Microsoft needs

Guest Commentary: A flurry of speculation that Seattle’s Alan Mulally, Ford’s turnaround CEO, might be chosen to become Microsoft’s next CEO has digital pundits rushing to throw cold water on the idea. Forbes, for one, says “Microsoft needs a younger, more dynamic CEO with more of an entrepreneurial tech startup mentality.” Actually, Mulally is exactly what Microsoft needs. The Redmond… Read More

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Never text and drive again: Ford inks deal with Glympse for hands-free location sharing

Texting and driving continues to be a big problem, despite powerful public service announcements condemning the practice. Now, a new technology from Seattle startup Glympse and auto maker Ford could help to wipe out texting from behind the wheel. Basically, the new service allows drivers to share their location information with friends and family members… Read More


CES: Telenav unveils Scout ‘personal navigator’ for iPhone, gets Ford’s nod for cars

Posting from Las Vegas: Telenav today unveiled a new service called Scout that bundles a collection of location-based services with turn-by-turn driving directions, releasing it initially as a free iPhone app. At the Consumer Electronics Show today, Ford announced its support for the service, detailing plans to include Scout as the selected personal navigation service… Read More

Steve Ballmer and Alan Mulally

Microsoft allies Ford and Toyota to collaborate on technology standards

A new partnership announced between Ford and Toyota this morning is attracting lots of attention, primarily focused on the companies’ plans to collaborate on a new hybrid-electric system for light trucks and SUVs. But also notable is the news that they plan to “collaborate on development of next-generation standards for in-car telematics and Internet-based services.” That’s… Read More

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Airbiquity on board with OnStar’s retail mirror

Our region has seen the rise of a cottage industry in automotive “infotainment,” and Seattle-based Airbiquity is continuing the streak with the news today that it will provide data-over-voice technologies for the standalone OnStar rear-view mirror. The mirror, announced earlier this year, will be available for installation in pretty much any car, from Best Buy… Read More