This spy plane flies in 120-degree heat and lands on water

Insitu, the Boeing-owned unmanned aircraft maker, just completed its first successful test flight for the Integrator unmanned aircraft system (UAS) Block 2, the latest release of the Integrator system. The technology upgrades include an extended temperature limit of 120 degrees and an improved sensor turret that helps identify objects more clearly during day and night missions. “We… Read More


Microsoft ends work on ‘Flight’ in blow to games group

Well, that didn’t last long. Microsoft confirmed today that it has ended development of Microsoft Flight, the “freemium” PC title that the company launched less than six months ago as a follow-up to its discontinued Flight Simulator franchise. We were impressed by our time with the game, but it apparently didn’t catch on with a wide… Read More


Introducing TrayVu: This airline tray doubles as an inflight entertainment system

Back in 2003, I wrote a story about an Alaska Airlines baggage handler-turned-entrepreneur by the name of Bill Boyer who created a new electronic entertainment system called the digEplayer. That device has remained mainstay on Alaska Airlines flights, with GeekWire columnist Frank Catalano reviewing the newest version after testing it on a recent flight. Boyer’s company… Read More