Firefox plans a Metro-style makeover for Windows 8

Microsoft is betting big on the new Metro interface in Windows 8, with its tile-based Start screen and apps that fill the entire display and work well on touch-screen devices. But how many third-party app developers will wager their own time to adjust to Microsoft’s new world? Mozilla gave its answer over the weekend, outlining… Read More


Microsoft plans true auto updates for Internet Explorer

Microsoft plans to streamline the way Internet Explorer is upgraded through its Windows Update process, aiming to move more PC users to the latest version of its web browser, even if they don’t actively decide to make the upgrade. Updates to Internet Explorer are already distributed to users who have opted to receive important updates… Read More


Microsoft on board with Upgrade Your Parents’ Browser Day

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally known for shopping, but Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic this week suggested an alternative purpose: quietly dumping the ancient Internet Explorer 6 from your parents’ computers while visiting home for the holidays, in the interest of making the web more secure for everyone. For Microsoft, this suggestion brings both risk… Read More

Death Star II (Via Wookiepedia)

Startups are like standing in line for Space Mountain; Google as Death Star… and other quotes of the week

The best insights, observations, comments, tweets and random zingers we heard this week. “A friend, on the choice to quit Microsoft and join Google: ‘I don’t think of it as jumping ship, more like switching Death Stars.’ ” – Scott Hanselman, on Twitter. “Every six weeks is a lot of cupcakes.” — a spokesperson for Microsoft’s Internet… Read More


Microsoft offers holiday freebies to boost IE9 usage

Microsoft has rolled out a new holiday promotional campaign that aims, in part, to get people on Windows 7 to use Internet Explorer 9 rather than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or other browsers. As reported overnight by winbeta, the IE9 holiday campaign offers discounts and promotions such as three free months of Slacker Premium Radio,… Read More


Netflix for Kids, LinkedIn apps, and other new stuff to try

Interesting new releases and downloads catching our attention today …  Netflix rolled out a new section of its website called “Just for Kids” today, offering a simplified menu of streaming movies and TV shows for children 12 and under. The company says it worked with non-profit Common Sense Media on the project. It’s available initially… Read More


Firefox releases get smaller, as do Internet Explorer cakes

Mozilla debuted Firefox 6 today, less than two months after coming out with Firefox 5. The new rapid release schedule might seem to create a dilemma for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team, which had instituted a tradition of sending a congratulatory cake to the Mozilla team back when the gap between Firefox versions was considerably longer. But Microsoft has solved… Read More


Stats: Chrome, Safari gain on Internet Explorer and Firefox

Overall usage of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox fell slightly in July, while Google Chrome and Apple Safari both posted modest gains, according to numbers tracked by Net Applications. The numbers are notable in part because they reflect the first full-month measure of the market since Firefox shifted to a new rapid release cycle. IE… Read More


Internet Explorer 10: Windows Vista users out of luck

It might sound impossible, but Microsoft is about to make its Windows Vista operating system even more undesirable. The Redmond company is confirming that Internet Explorer 10, the next version of its web browser, won’t work on the 4-year-old Windows Vista (or earlier Windows versions) in the same way that IE9 left the older Windows… Read More


Opera browser update boosts Turbo, improves Speed Dial

New and upcoming versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome have been getting a lot of attention lately, but Opera Software this morning came out with a smaller update that improves two key features in its Opera 11 browser. The company says the “Opera Turbo” feature in the Opera 11.10 update is 15 percent faster… Read More


Microsoft’s IE team: Pay no attention to those stats … yet

Much has been made over the past week about Firefox 4 trouncing Internet Explorer 9 in total downloads since the new browsers were released. But Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team is cautioning that it’s too early to make comparisons. In a post on the Windows blog, Microsoft’s Ryan Gavin points out that the company hasn’t started… Read More


Firefox: Something fishy about Microsoft’s IE9 aquarium

Since its earliest previews of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has been pointing to its IE9 Test Drive site for demos of speed, graphics and other aspects of browser performance. IE9 performs extremely well in the demos, and in many cases the results look almost embarrassing for Firefox and Chrome. So what’s going on behind the… Read More


Firefox 4 soars, thanks to Microsoft’s luddite customers

Maybe it’s time for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team to reconsider that whole Windows XP thing? Firefox 4 clocked about 5 million downloads on its first day and is fast approaching has already topped 7 million this morning, as the new browser from Mozilla attracts huge interest from around the world. That doesn’t match the record-breaking… Read More


Here it is, the first GeekWire Podcast: We’re back!

One of the pleasant surprises after starting GeekWire was the number of people who asked if we would continue doing a podcast. We’re excited to say that the answer is yes. We’re launching a new weekly GeekWire show in partnership with 97.3 KIRO-FM in Seattle and In fact, we were back in the studio… Read More


Why Firefox 4 isn’t abandoning Windows XP

One of the most divisive aspects of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 release this week was the company’s decision to support only Windows Vista and Windows 7 with the new browser. That means it doesn’t work on the older Windows XP operating system. Plenty of people are defending Microsoft’s move — including tech media stalwarts PCWorld… Read More


Browser race: IE9 hits 2.3M; Firefox 4 set for March 22

More than 2.3 million copies of the new Internet Explorer 9 were downloaded in the first 24 hours of availability, Microsoft announced this afternoon, describing the pace as faster than the rate of downloads for either the beta or the release candidate of the new browser. It’s a good thing, because the new Microsoft browser… Read More


Internet Explorer 9: Windows XP users, you’re out of luck

Microsoft last night released Internet Explorer 9, the latest version of its widely used web browser. Download it here, but keep in mind that it only works with Windows Vista or Windows 7. The browser isn’t compatible with Windows XP, and Microsoft doesn’t make IE for Mac (or Linux). [Follow-up: IE9 hits 2.3M: Firefox 4… Read More


Firefox 4 Release Candidate: Hot out of the oven

It’s a big day for new browsers, apparently. Several hours after Microsoft announced a March 14 release date for Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla this afternoon announced the availability of the release candidate for Firefox 4 for Windows, Mac and Linux. That’s the last major step before the final release, although the timing of the finished… Read More


Microsoft: IE9 coming March 14

Look like that big Internet Explorer party at SXSW in Austin isn’t just a party, after all. It’s a launch. Microsoft this morning confirmed that Internet Explorer 9 will be released on March 14, next Monday. The post by IE’s Ryan Gavin also includes a bit of intrigue, noting that the IE team still has… Read More