Penny Arcade expands empire with new developer event

Interesting news this weekend from the team behind the ever-growing Penny Arcade Expo, better known as PAX: Building on the momentum from their perennially sold-out event in Seattle and their new installment in Boston, they’re adding a new conference to the lineup, specifically — and exclusively — for game developers. The new PAX Dev 2011… Read More

Jesse Jackson Jr.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. goes on an anti-tech rant, blames the iPad for U.S. job losses

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. appears to think technology gadgets — including tablet computers like the iPad — are the reason this country is shedding jobs. Really? The Illinois Congressman went on one of the more outrageous anti-technology rants on Friday on the floor of Congress. We transcribed the remarks below, since we couldn’t really believe… Read More

(Photo: Annie Laurie Malarkey)

Geek of the Week: Erica McGillivray, GeekGirlCon

We’re kicking off a new feature today, a GeekWire “Geek of the Week” honor for the Pacific Northwest technology community. We thought it was only appropriate to start with Erica McGillivray, president of GeekGirlCon, a Seattle-based nonprofit holding its first annual convention later this year. As you’ll see from her answers (and picture) below, Erica’s… Read More

The Full Fuselage Trainer, headed to Seattle

Getting to know our Space Shuttle consolation prize

OK, so we didn’t get one of the real Space Shuttles. But the thing we got looks a lot like one, if you don’t mind the lack of wings. Real-life astronauts trained in it. And hey, we get to walk around inside! That, at least, was the conciliatory message from Seattle’s Museum of Flight today,… Read More


Microsoft releases first iPad app, Bing, and it looks slick

Yes, Microsoft aspires to topple Apple’s iPad, but the company also hopes to come from behind against Google. And in one of those inevitable displays of corporate pragmatism, the company this morning released an iPad app for its Bing search engine — the first official iPad app from the Redmond company. But calling this a… Read More


Hey developers: Forget the cheeseburgers, have a LOLcat

The guys from Seattle startup Giant Thinkwell will be our guests on the next GeekWire Podcast. And it looks like they’ll have a lot to talk about, because they’ve been very busy trying to poach developers literally from the online retail giant’s doorstep — using a strategy “inspired” by Cheezburger’s cheeseburger giveaway this week…. Read More