VIDEO: Relive GeekWire’s epic ping-pong finale

Drama, intensity, pure talent — the championship match of the expert ping-pong bracket had it all Wednesday night at our giant Ping-Pong & Anniversary Bash. We had several people tell us the three-set duel between Qhode’s Avi Cavale and Flowroute’s Tetsuo Kasahara was the highlight of their night. Thankfully for those who want to relive the action or missed out on this awesome… Read More


Photos: A look at Amazon’s new delivery locker at 7-Eleven

Yesterday, my two-year-old son and I did a little investigative reporting. Our goal? Find the Seattle area 7-Eleven housing’s new delivery locker system. We started our quest near Magnusson Park — where the 7-Eleven clerk had no idea what we were talking about — and ended up in Capitol Hill where we discovered the… Read More


Google’s new Bothell facility could hold 840 workers

On Wednesday, we told you about Google’s expansion plans in the Seattle area, including taking on more office space in Fremont and establishing a new, mysterious outpost in Bothell. At the time, we weren’t quite sure what was going on in the location northeast of Seattle, and the company was pretty cagey when we asked… Read More


Five weird (and wacky) pursuits of rich tech moguls

“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” That line from F. Scott Fitzgerald perfectly summarizes some of the oddball and unusual activities we’ve seen from Seattle’s wealthy tech elite. By their nature, technology entrepreneurs are a bit eccentric. And when that’s coupled with a near endless supply of… Read More

Conenza's Tony Audino with Stitch

Meet the geek dogs of Seattle

Every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day here at GeekWire and, for that matter, at dozens of other tech companies around Seattle. It’s pretty commonplace to see canine companions wandering the offices startups in Pioneer Square, Belltown and South Lake Union. But, in true celebration of the official holiday today, we’re showcasing some… Read More

Shel Kaphan

Meet’s first employee: Shel Kaphan

Pages: 1 2 3 4 today is approaching 40,000 employees. Seventeen years ago, Shel Kaphan was No. 1. GeekWire Interview: Shel Kaphan,’s first employee Part 1: The forgotten founder? Part 2: Meeting Jeff Bezos Part 3: Building Part 4: A larger mission Long before Amazon turned into a multi-billion dollar online retailing powerhouse, and technology giant, it… Read More


‘Pranksters’ or ‘vandals’? Windows logo installed on future Apple store

This video, taken outside an Apple store under construction in Hamburg, Germany, is spreading around the Internet like wildfire this afternoon — destined to be a classic. Almost as funny is seeing the difference in wording from the Apple- and Windows-oriented blogs. WinRumors calls them “pranksters.” Edible Apple raises them to the level of “vandals.” Previously: Microsoft’s… Read More


GeekWire Podcast: Groupon’s IPO, Microsoft’s Windows 8, and Twitter’s place in the world

This week on the GeekWire Podcast, we discuss Groupon’s IPO, the unveiling of Microsoft’s next Windows version, and the end of the original T-Mobile Sidekick. Then we examine the present and future of Twitter, Facebook and other social media (and much more) with Monica Guzman Preston of Intersect and Jason Preston of Parnassus Group — our… Read More


Sparkbuy’s Dan Shapiro on why he sold to Google: It puts ‘turbo chargers’ on the idea

Sparkbuy founder Dan Shapiro doesn’t like talking to people on airplanes. But on a trip between Silicon Valley and Seattle late last year, the entrepreneur started a conversation with the guy sitting next to him, which happened to be Google’s Matt Klainer. That chance encounter, along with a previous meeting with Google Kirkland site director… Read More


Top 10 iPhone Music Apps: Classics, Hits and Deep Cuts

It’s springtime, and the sun has begun peeking through the clouds, so music is in the air for sun-starved Seattleites. For locals — and for everyone else — we’re taking a look at the top 10 music-related apps for iPhone in this week’s installment of AppStoreHQ’s regular app roundup for GeekWire. AppStoreHQ’s AppRank technology combines… Read More

A stock image from E Ink showing its color display technology’s new tablet would be the anti-iPad

There have been tons of reports lately about planning to take on Apple’s iPad with its own color-screen, Android-based tablet — including a particularly juicy one today out of Taiwan indicating that Amazon’s new device could arrive for this year’s holiday season. It would be the latest battleground in the growing war between Apple… Read More

Rebecca Lovell

New geek on the GeekWire team: Rebecca Lovell

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to GeekWire since our launch in early March. But there’s been one key ingredient missing: a top-notch business leader. Today, we’re filling that role. We are thrilled to announce that Rebecca Lovell is joining GeekWire as Chief Business Officer. Many in the Seattle technology community already know Rebecca from her… Read More


Nine-year-old boy gets his wish, creates an iPhone game

Most nine-year-old boys dream of meeting sports stars like Ichiro, Matt Hasselbeck or Kasey Keller. Not Owain Weinert. Weinert simply wanted to learn from the masterminds behind Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies. As part of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the fourth grader at Loyal Heights Elementary School got a unique opportunity to develop his very own… Read More


GeekWire Podcast: Paul Allen on technology, his life, Bill Gates and everything else

We’re pleased to present this special mid-week edition of the GeekWire Podcast, featuring audio highlights from my interview Friday evening with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen at Town Hall in Seattle. During the on-stage conversation, an unusually animated and funny Allen talks about his friendship with Bill Gates, his struggle with cancer, his analysis of modern-day… Read More


SETI off the hook: What if we miss the call from the aliens?

The Paul Allen-backed effort to communicate with alien life has hit a serious financial snag. The SETI Institute, which operates the Allen Telescope Array in northern California, says the government budget crunch has forced the organization to put the search for extraterrestrial intelligence on hold. In 2001, Allen agreed to bankroll the initial construction of… Read More


Photo Gallery: 50 Amazing Characters from Sakura-Con

As I strolled through Sakura-Con at the Convention Center in Seattle on Saturday I was suddenly transformed into another dimension of anime enthusiasts, comic book heroes, and video game villains. The sun was shining and Freeway Park was filled with choreographed dancing, singing, laughing and plenty of picture taking. Lisa Weeks, who has been attending the… Read More