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AWS server issues take down Instagram, Airbnb, Flipboard

People posting photos, recording videos, making room reservations and reading the news on Sunday afternoon had to take a break for a few hours as an Amazon Web Services outage took down several popular websites. Sites like Instagram, Airbnb, Vine and Flipboard all went out of service for a short period on Sunday due to… Read More


You can soon embed Facebook statuses, photos

It’s been easy to embed Tweets for quite some time now, but Facebook did not offer a similar tool for its content — until now. The social network giant rolled out Embeddable Posts today, allowing users to embed their statuses and photos outside of Facebook on third-party sites. However, Embedded Posts are not available to… Read More


Facebook to help small mobile game studios with pilot program

Facebook is piloting a new mobile games publishing program that will help small game publishers expand the reach of their titles through Facebook’s social network. The social network giant plans to help the studios with targeted promotion via its massive mobile channels, and will also provide analytics tools. In exchange, Facebook will receive a revenue share, though… Read More


Geek on the Street: Facebook’s stock is soaring, but do people think it’s still cool?

Sure, Facebook’s future looked quite nice on Thursday after its second quarter earnings report exceeded Wall Street’s expectations with a revenue of $1.8 billion and profit of $488 million. And yes, the company reported an average of 699 million daily active users, an increase of 27 percent over the second quarter of 2012. But even as… Read More


Shimon Peres in Kindle interview: Facebook’s Zuckerberg ‘made a revolution with a billion people’

Amazon is expanding its Kindle Singles lineup into a new area, promising “major long-form interviews with iconic figures and world leaders” as part of a new series called the “The Kindle Singles Interview.” First up: Shimon Peres, the tech-savvy 89-year-old President of Israel, who talks about everything from the Middle East peace process to Facebook’s… Read More


Zuckerberg on Facebook Home: ‘I think of it more as a seed that we’re planting’

While much of the talk on today’s Facebook second quarter earnings call centered around the company’s positive financial performance, one product was left out of the equation: Facebook Home. Home, Facebook’s much-touted entry into the smartphone market, seems to have been met with a resounding “meh” from consumers. The HTC First, which comes pre-loaded with… Read More


Facebook earnings beat expectations as Q2 revenue reaches $1.8B

Facebook’s second quarter earnings report showed the social networking company’s revenue up 53% from the same period last year, exceeding Wall Street’s expectations. The company reported unaudited revenue of 1.8 billion dollars, almost 12 percent above analyst expectations. Excluding certain items, the company’s Q2 profit was $488 million, with adjusted earnings per share of 19… Read More


Annoyed with something in your News Feed? Soon you can tell Facebook why

You’ve likely seen something in your Facebook News Feeds that annoys you, whether it’s another annoying I’m-on-vacation-and-you’re-not feet-by-the-pool photo or a “Sponsored Post” that keeps reappearing every third day. Soon you’ll be able to tell Facebook why you dislike certain posts in your feed. ABC News reports that while social network giant already gives you less… Read More


Facebook earnings preview: Cautious optimism from analysts

It has now been more than a year since Facebook’s lackluster IPO, and Wall Street analysts seem cautiously optimistic about the company’s future. Analysts are expecting revenues of nearly $1.62 billion, which translates to 14 cents per share, when the company announces earnings this afternoon. That’s up 37 percent from Q2 of last year, when… Read More

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

How much would you pay for an ad-free Facebook?

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is using Facebook again, after getting some help figuring out the settings, and he has a suggestion for Mark Zuckerberg’s crew: Go premium, or at least freemium. Stone describes his reintroduction to Facebook in this post and observes, “In general, the ads on Facebook don’t seem particularly useful or engaging. However, ads… Read More


These five brands are kicking ass with Instagram video

It’s been about two weeks since Instagram unveiled its 15-second video feature and the response has been excellent for the Facebook-owned media-sharing platform. Less than 24 hours after its debut, more than five million videos had been posted, while it appears that Instagram is already pushing Twitter-owned Vine out of the social media landscape. Some, though, certainly… Read More


Facebook app coming to Windows 8, along with Flipboard, NFL Fantasy Football

For Facebook fans using Windows 8 devices, today brings good news. At Microsoft’s Build conference today in San Francisco, CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Facebook is finally building a native app for Windows 8. Two more apps are also coming to the Windows platform: Flipboard and NFL Fantasy Football, which is not surprising considering Microsoft’s new… Read More


OOPS: Facebook discloses contact info for 6 million people

In a post to the company’s security blog this afternoon, Facebook said that it had accidentally disclosed phone numbers and email addresses for six million of its users. The information was released because of a bug in Facebook’s Download Your Information tool that accidentally gave users additional contact info for friends, or friends of friend,s… Read More


Instagram debuts 15-second video feature, complete with filters and editing

Facebook-owned Instagram today launched a new video feature that will allow users to record 15-second clips, edit them with 13 new filters and share the motion pictures with all their friends. It’s essentially what Instagram does for photo-sharing, but now with videos. There’s also a new “Cinema” feature that stabilizes video for iPhone users. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom… Read More


Skype video messaging now available for free on every platform except Windows Phone

Skype’s free video messaging feature is fully out of beta today and everyone can now send as many three-minute moving messages to your Skype contacts — whether or not they’re online — as desired. Well, just about everyone. The feature is available on essentially every platform (Windows desktop, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, BlackBerry) except Windows Phone,… Read More


You can now use #hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags are coming to Facebook, as the social media giant announced today that it has added support for phrases with “#” placed in front, a technique made popular by Twitter. Similar to how they operate on other social media hubs like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, hashtagged words will now be clickable in Facebook news feeds. By… Read More


Microsoft wants government to provide more transparency for security requests

Microsoft is now joining fellow tech giants Google and Facebook in asking the U.S. government for more transparency in regard to government requests for national security information. Microsoft issued this statement a short while ago, noting that it would like to provide more information than what showed up in the company’s 2012 Law Enforcement Request Report published last March…. Read More