Amazon launches third-party login system, challenging Facebook, Google and Twitter for authentication

Amazon.com customers will be able to use their Amazon login credentials to sign in to third-party websites, apps and games under a new initiative launched by the Seattle company this morning. The system, “Login with Amazon,” will compete with authentication services from Facebook, Twitter, Google and others in an attempt to become a ubiquitous online… Read More


Study: The biggest social collaboration tool inside big companies is … Facebook?

Salesforce.com, Microsoft, IBM and many smaller companies are competing aggressively in the market for enterprise social collaboration, offering advanced tools specifically designed to help workers communicate and share insights. But it turns out the dominate social collaboration tool inside big companies is plain old Facebook, followed by Twitter. That’s one of the takeaways from a… Read More


Patent gurus weigh in: Is the market for deals cooling off?

Patents are one of the central topics at the spring meeting of the Licensing Executives Society of the U.S.A. and Canada, taking place in downtown Seattle this week. Many of the executives are heavily involved in patent licensing, acquisitions and sales. When you get them together, they talk about the patent market in much the… Read More


College grads would rather work at Microsoft over Amazon, Facebook

Maybe it’s the wacky and awesome commercials they’ve been putting out. Or it could be company’s reputation as an impressive charitable organization. Whatever the reason, college grads seem to want to work at Microsoft over places like Amazon and Facebook. That’s the finding from Universum USA, a global research and advisory company for employers that… Read More


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Tech’s new champion for immigration reform

When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced his position on immigration reform in a Washington Post op-ed on Wednesday, no one was surprised to hear that, like many Americans, Zuckerberg found the system flawed. But in the emotionally-charged issue of immigration, Zuckerberg’s perspective is colored by his place in the technology world. Backed by a group of… Read More


Why I uninstalled Facebook Home in 30 seconds

Facebook Home is out today in the Google Play Store for those fortunate enough with one of the five Android-based phones to download it. Well, maybe not so fortunate. I just installed Facebook’s newest add-on, which puts Facebook photos, updates, messages and services at the forefront of smartphone homescreens. Less than 30 seconds later, it was… Read More


Facebook reverses stance after blocking Microsoft and WhitePages from sponsoring Startup Weekend

Teams of developers, designers and entrepreneurs are heads-down at Facebook’s Seattle engineering outpost on this rainy Sunday for Startup Weekend — a 54-hour marathon that brings people together from across the industry to turn ideas into prototypes and potentially even new companies. These events are organized around the world, spearheaded by the Seattle-based nonprofit Startup Weekend… Read More


Microsoft pokes at Facebook, says new ‘Home’ is like Windows Phone in 2011

Microsoft is a longtime Facebook partner and investor, but that isn’t stopping the Redmond company from making some jabs over Facebook’s choice of Android for its new “Home” user interface — a replacement home screen centered around the user’s social network and friends. In a post this morning, Microsoft communications chief Frank Shaw says he… Read More


Facebook Home: A replacement for Android homescreens designed around people

Facebook today announced a new Android software integration called Facebook Home that will put Facebook services at the forefront of smartphone homescreens. “With Home you see your world around people, not apps,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today. Facebook Home essentially turns your phone into a Facebook smartphone. It’s a family of apps that includes… Read More


Plants vs. Zombies coming to Facebook with Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

No, the sequel to Plants vs. Zombies hasn’t arrived yet (it’s coming this summer). But in the meantime, PopCap is introducing an adaptation of the original game called Plants vs. Zombies Adventures and bringing it to Facebook. The Electronic Arts-owned studio today announced the new game, which the company is calling “a highly accessible, zombie-zapping… Read More


Chirpify for Facebook: The first way to make purchases from your news feed

Chirpify already lets you make purchases via your Twitter and Instagram feeds. It was only natural for them to expand to Facebook. And that’s exactly what they’ve done, as the Portland-based startup today expanded their platform to allow payments through the Facebook news feed. Chirpify now lets anyone sell, fundraise and pay directly within the Facebook… Read More


Facebook establishing temporary engineering center in B.C.

Facebook already has a growing engineering operation in Seattle. Now, the social networking powerhouse is heading north of the border — but not in the traditional sense. The Vancouver Sun reports that Facebook is looking to establish a temporary facility in BC with room for up to 150 staffers. The office is set to open… Read More


Zuckerberg leads list of most-liked CEOs; Bezos’ approval rating soars and Ballmer is a no-show in top 50

Do you like the job your boss is doing? If you work at Facebook, Amazon.com, Salesforce.com, EMC, SAP, Apple or Google, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. The CEOs of those tech titans each scored approval ratings above 90 percent in Glassdoor’s annual ranking of the top highest-rated CEOs. (Glassdoor bases its… Read More


Netflix & Facebook, together at last — for better or worse

Netflix this morning launched its long-awaited “Netflix Social” feature, letting its customers connect their Netflix accounts to Facebook to share what they’ve been watching, and to see what their friends have been watching. The Video Privacy Protection Act, dating back to the days of VHS, had prevented the company from enabling this feature, but new amendments… Read More