Facebook’s 3Q earnings exceed expectations with revenue over $2B

The biggest name in social media just keeps on trucking. Facebook’s quarterly report exceeded analyst expectations, reporting $2.02 billion in revenue and earnings of 22 cents per share. Revenue grew 60 percent year-over-year, from $1.26 billion in Q3 2012. Analysts expected $1.9 billion in revenue, with earnings of 19 cents per share. The increase in revenue… Read More


Pew study: 30% of Americans get news from Facebook

While nearly one-third of Americans find news via Facebook, they aren’t necessarily going to the social media hub searching for the latest headlines. Pew Research Center published a study that polled 5,173 adults on their news consumption habits on Facebook. Almost half — 47 percent — of adult Facebook users consume news on Facebook, which… Read More


Facebook and Google reach online advertising partnership

For two of the biggest advertising companies on the internet, it seems that collaboration is the name of the game. According to a post to the DoubleClick Advertising blog, Google has forged a partnership with Facebook to allow users of its DoubleClick Bid Manager to use Facebook Exchange (FBX), which allows advertisers to show Facebook… Read More


You can’t opt out of auto-playing Instagram video on mobile anymore, but here’s how to spare your wallet

When you next open up Instagram on your smartphone, there might be a video already playing for you. In an update released today, Facebook removed the toggle that prevented videos from autoplaying in the Instagram apps for iOS and Android. If that’s functionality you weren’t interested in to begin with, tough luck–there’s no way out…. Read More


Q&A: Robert Scoble on ‘Age of Context,’ Google, Microsoft and the ‘freaky factor’

Writer, interviewer and tech evangelist Robert Scoble was back in Seattle this week, with his ever-present Google Glass, to promote the “Age of Context,” his new book with Shel Israel about the rise of data, sensors, machine learning, wearables and other technologies that are expanding the boundaries of computing and augmenting our experience as humans. After… Read More


Hey, Instagram users: Get ready for advertisements

Just as Twitter revealed its IPO Thursday afternoon, Facebook-owned Instagram thought it’d be a nice time to drop a little news of its own. In short, advertisements are coming to your Instagram feeds. As a “growing company,” Instagram penned a blog post today detailing its plans for ads that will be in the form of “a… Read More


Using Facebook to predict the future, and save lives: Special meetup with Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Facebook posts often seem like throwaway items, but they can actually serve as an early warning system to identify young adults at risk of substance abuse, depression or worse. That’s the underlying premise of work being done by Dr. Megan Moreno and her team at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Their research also points… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuck: Government “blew it” with NSA disclosures

SAN FRANCISCO–When Mark Zuckerberg meets with top House Republicans next week, it seems like the NSA’s spying programs will make up a key component of the agenda. During his conversation today with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, Zuckerberg said that in much the same way that Facebook has an obligation to protect the data of its… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg: Our bad IPO made us stronger

SAN FRANCISCO–Dressed in his usual hoodie and jeans, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt today to thunderous applause, and the sound of about 25 feverish camera shutters. Zuckerberg spoke with TechCrunch’s founder, Michael Arrington, about what has transpired with his company since the two of them talked at Disrupt last year. The past… Read More

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AWS server issues take down Instagram, Airbnb, Flipboard

People posting photos, recording videos, making room reservations and reading the news on Sunday afternoon had to take a break for a few hours as an Amazon Web Services outage took down several popular websites. Sites like Instagram, Airbnb, Vine and Flipboard all went out of service for a short period on Sunday due to… Read More