Nuking Facebook: 30 days later, the fallout

A month ago I did the unthinkable. I quit Facebook. There’s a lot you might learn from my experience, even if you never follow me. I didn’t bail in a pique over privacy or ethically questionable emotion experiments. I was fed up with the time-wasting inconsistency of a news feed that Facebook algorithmically displays in… Read More


You won’t believe what this story is about! Facebook cracking down on ‘click-baiting’

Facebook today announced that it is cracking down on posts it deems as “click bait,” or headlines that try to convince people to click on content that they aren’t actually interested in. The social media giant surveyed its users about content in their News Feed, and unsurprisingly found that 80 percent of the time, people preferred… Read More


Facebook shakes up the ‘About’ page, changing how it displays personal information

Facebook is known for switching up the design of its users’ profiles without notice, and today is no different: some visitors to the popular social networking site will find that the company has changed how it displays their friends’ personal information. Up until this week, the information laid out in a user’s “About” section was displayed… Read More


Facebook slowly recovering from morning outage

It’s Friday, which means it’s prime time for making weekend plans with friends on Facebook, or at least enviously reading updates from friends who have weekend plans. But today, that’s hit a snag. The Facebook home page has been replaced with an error message saying that something has gone wrong, and users of the company’s… Read More


Facebook, you are dead to me … for now

Friends, and you are my “friends:” I’m giving up on Facebook. No more status updates, no more vacation photos, no more links to interesting columns (even those I haven’t written). While I’ll leave what I’ve posted over the past eight years up for now, I will no longer participate in what has become a time-wasting farce. Why?… Read More


Amazon employees most attractive, Apple workers just average, dating app finds

The top five tech companies typically fight over who employs the biggest brains, but in this competition, they were ranked by another more superficial factor: beauty. In a peer review on Hinge, a dating app that seeks to match up young professionals, Amazon employees were found to be the most sought-after, followed by Microsoft, Google and Facebook. In dead last was Apple. As… Read More


How Facebook can alter your mood: Concerns raised over study of ‘massive-scale emotional contagion’

Researchers from Facebook and Cornell University altered the contents of Facebook users’ news feeds to test the effects of positive and negative posts, finding evidence that emotions can spread through an online community much as they do in real life. “When positive expressions were reduced, people produced fewer positive posts and more negative posts; when negative… Read More

Facebook's Seattle office.

Facebook eyeing expansion in downtown Seattle

Facebook appears to have already outgrown its office space in Seattle. The social networking powerhouse, which just two years ago expanded into new offices at the Metropolitan Park towers in Seattle, is eyeing even more space. A real estate source tells GeekWire that the company is on the prowl for about 80,000 to 90,000 square… Read More


How a trip to Africa helped Facebook retool its Android app for the developing world

One of Mark Zuckerberg’s goals for Facebook is bringing the “next 5 billion” people onto the social network. But that isn’t as simple as increasing the company’s advertising spending in the developing world. So how can it be done? Alex Sourov, an engineer from Facebook’s Seattle office, traveled to Africa with colleagues to identify the challenges for Facebook… Read More


The next battleground for Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Google: Artificial Intelligence

  Digital personal assistants today can help you send messages, place phone calls, schedule meetings or find answers from the Internet. But there’s evidence that all the major tech giants are investing heavily in artificial intelligence to try and make digital assistants do a whole lot more helpful. At least that is what Raj Singh, the founder and CEO… Read More


Microsoft, Apple earn top marks on data privacy scorecard; Amazon falls short

The Electronic Frontier Foundation today released the latest edition of its “Who Has Your Back?” report that examines how major tech companies handle government requests for data, and a number of major tech giants scored remarkably well. It’s the first of these reports to be released after disclosures about the NSA’s surveillance activities, and it’s clear… Read More


Redfin’s updated iPhone app adds Facebook Messenger integration

Redfin plans a significant update to its iPhone app, aiming to improve how users share listings from the Seattle-based brokerage with their friends on Facebook. When users find a home they like inside Redfin’s app, they’ll be able to touch the app’s share button, and then tap “Send with Messenger.” That will open up a dialog which lets users punch in… Read More

Ilya Sukhar

F8: Facebook ties together mobile apps with new App Links service

SAN FRANCISCO – A new service from Facebook aims to make it easier for developers to create links between different mobile apps, allowing their users to switch more seamlessly from one app to another and back again. Called App Links, the an open source, cross-platform service was introduced at Facebook’s F8 conference today by Ilya Sukhar, the former CEO of… Read More