Amazon’s e-book woes jump the pond, with European authors protesting its pricing tactics

Hundreds of writers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are protesting Amazon’s e-book pricing tactics in a fight that’s becoming reminiscent of the one Amazon is having with Hachette in the U.S. In an open letter set to appear in major European publications today, hundreds of writers, artists and readers have accused Amazon of manipulating its recommended reading… Read More


The price of Microsoft’s European browser screwup: $732M

The European Commission this morning fined Microsoft 561 million euros, approximately $732 million, for neglecting to include a required “browser ballot” in Windows 7 for the better part of a year —the first time the commission has fined a company for failing to comply with an antitrust ruling. That’s almost 1 percent of Microsoft’s annual revenue… Read More


Across the pond: Microsoft may open stores in Europe

Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower, and now, Microsoft Stores. Sources familiar with Microsoft told the Financial Times that the company is discussing expanding its storefronts across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. The Redmond-based software giant has reportedly spoken with UK landlords already about plans to open stores there next year, depending on the success of… Read More


Google’s $12.5B Motorola deal gets European approval

Google’s proposed acquisition of mobile phone giant Motorola won approval from the European Commission today, leaving the U.S. Justice Department as the last major hurdle for the $12.5 billion deal. A major motivation for the deal is Motorola’s large patent portfolio. The European clearance comes less than a week after Google promised publicly that it wouldn’t… Read More


European leaders aim to create ‘Digital Single Market’ as part of stimulus plan

Editor’s Note: Seattle-based writer and consultant Matt Fikse filed this dispatch from Europe, where he’s tracking the talks over the economic crisis. Brussels, Jan. 30: The world hopes for leaders to emerge from today’s European Summit with some coherent action in the long-running European economic crisis. Based on a leaked draft of the expected summit conclusions, tech companies attempting… Read More


Microsoft’s big Skype acquisition faces opposition in Europe

Skype competitor Messagenet is asking European regulators to prevent Microsoft from integrating Skype with Windows as a condition of approval for its $8.5 billion acquisition of the online communications company. Legal experts are divided on the implications of the opposition, with some considering it a routine complaint and others saying it could delay the deal, according… Read More


Traffic tech company Inrix bids $60M for European rival

That didn’t take long. A few days after landing $37 million in venture capital financing, saying it planned to use the money to pursue acquisitions, Kirkland-based traffic data company Inrix today announced a $60 million bid to acquire traffic technology and data company ITIS Holdings, its primary competitor in Europe. Inrix, which specializes in real-time… Read More