Hart (Wikipedia Photo)

Michael Hart, inventor of the eBook, dies at age 64

Tacoma native and electronic book pioneer Michael S. Hart has died at the age of 64. Before Kindle, Nook or iPad entered the lexicon, Hart was tinkering with electronic books. In 1971 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Hart created Project Gutenberg with the goal of making electronic copies of books available to the public. It became… Read More


Kobo opens a new chapter, introduces ‘touch’ to e-reader

Kobo faces tough competition from the likes of Amazon.com’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. But the 2-year-old Canadian upstart, which just last month landed $50 million in financing, is hoping that it can turn a new page on electronic reading devices. Today, the company is announcing the Kobo eReader Touch Edition, which like the name suggests… Read More


Data Dump: Kindle vs. iPad vs. Xbox vs. everything else

Except for maybe those crazies at the front of the iPad 2 line, many of us have become pretty measured about our big gadget purchases in this post-recession era — carefully assessing our needs and weighing different categories against each other as much as we weigh the different devices within those categories. Which means that… Read More