Think like a serial entrepreneur

I’m struck by the question of whether, and how, an entrepreneur might act differently if they were mindful that their current startup probably won’t be their last. In other words, chances are you’re likely to continue to be a “serial entrepreneur” whether you like it or not.  This actually might be a good thing to… Read More

Daniil Kulchenko

Seattle area 15-year-old sells startup to ActiveState

Some entrepreneurs wait a lifetime to experience the thrill of selling their startup companies. Daniil Kulchenko, a Seattle area high school student, accomplished that milestone at the age of 15. Kulchenko today announced that he’s sold his startup, a cloud-based computing company known as Phenona, to Vancouver, B.C.-based ActiveState in a deal of undisclosed size…. Read More


Golazo scores $3.7M for soccer-themed energy drink

If you are a soccer fan in Seattle, you’ve probably tasted Golazo. The energy sports drink has quickly become a fan favorite at soccer matches and events around town. And now the company – created by Cranium founder, former Microsoftie and soccer nut Richard Tait — is looking to tackle new markets with a $3.7 million… Read More


Entrepreneurial passion: A blessing or a curse?

I’ve met a lot of really bright engineers and entrepreneurs who I think could do great things if they pursued a big, interesting problem in a big, interesting market. But instead they get enamored of scratching their own itch, i.e., solving a problem they themselves have experienced and then didn’t find, didn’t like or didn’t… Read More

Robbie Cape

Startup advice: Take that first step

The key to any entrepreneurial venture is taking that very first step, even if you aren’t sure about step two or three. That was some of the advice passed on Thursday night by Maveron co-founder Dan Levitan, Cozi CEO Robbie Cape and Earth Class Mail CEO Sara Carr who participated in the “Startup And Scale Up” panel… Read More


An inside look at Startup Weekend: ‘High energy startup fever’

Not everyone can afford to devote 54 hours of their life to Startup Weekend. But, if you’ve got 13 minutes to spare, here’s an entertaining behind-the-scenes look at the coding and development marathon held earlier this month at Madrona Venture Group’s offices in Seattle. Produced by the very talented Mike Folden, the video captures the spirit of the event with… Read More


Clean water startup PotaVida takes top prize at UW business plan competition

From healthy French fries to to online travel planning services to urban grocery stores in converted shipping containers, this year’s University of Washington business plan competition had a little bit of everything. It started with 104 teams from eight colleges and universities in the region, with the UW’s Connie Bourassa-Shaw noting that more than 400… Read More


Sparkbuy’s Dan Shapiro on why he sold to Google: It puts ‘turbo chargers’ on the idea

Sparkbuy founder Dan Shapiro doesn’t like talking to people on airplanes. But on a trip between Silicon Valley and Seattle late last year, the entrepreneur started a conversation with the guy sitting next to him, which happened to be Google’s Matt Klainer. That chance encounter, along with a previous meeting with Google Kirkland site director… Read More


Livestream: Presentations from the final round of the UW business plan competition

You can watch entrepreneurial activity in real time this afternoon as five teams compete in the University of Washington’s annual business plan competition, hosted by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Michael G. Foster School of Business. One hundred and four student teams from 11 universities applied for the competition, with the finalists… Read More


Entrepreneurs: Born or made?

Can you actually teach people to be entrepreneurs? That question is open to debate. But a recent Zogby survey indicates that educational institutions need to do more to support entrepreneurial programs, and the best way to do that is to encourage students to actually create new businesses or take internships at startups. In other words,… Read More

Rajeev Singh

Concur’s Rajeev Singh on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship

In the latest interview on Mixergy, Concur president Rajeev Singh explains how the Redmond maker of travel and entertainment expense management software transitioned from a germ of an idea in 1993 to a $3 billion company today. I’ve become a big fan of Andrew Warner’s interviews on Mixergy, and love when he features Seattle entrepreneurs…. Read More