TechStars: An inside look at 87 days of madness

It’s day 87 of TechStars Seattle. It’s also the last day of the program. The incubation program culminates with an event this afternoon called Demo Day where more than 400 angel investors, VCs and press will watch ten companies pitch their vision in just six minutes. Six minutes. That’s all you get to impress the audience,… Read More

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Seven signs that you might just be an entrepreneur

I meet a lot of people who want to be an entrepreneur, but don’t really have the signs that they’d make a good one. See, the first thing you have to understand about being an entrepreneur is that it isn’t sexy. You aren’t really working for yourself.  You’ll have to build a business from scratch…. Read More


Startup Weekend kicks off SW Next: A multi-day bootcamp for entrepreneurs

Startup Weekend has already given thousands of developers, geeks and other tech professionals a taste of what it’s like to start a company. But, sometimes, you just can’t cram everything into a 54-hour coding marathon. In order to address those needs, the Kauffman Foundation-backed non-profit is experimenting with a new program in Seattle called SW Next…. Read More


Bill Gates was lucky … and good

Was Bill Gates just a lucky upper middle class kid who happened to stumble into the PC revolution? Or was there something else at work that made him one of the biggest entrepreneurial successes on the planet? A new book by author James Collins — known for his business titles such as “Good to Great”… Read More


Startup Spotlight: GoDutch mobile app helps friends connect

Chris Borkenhagen wants to make it easier to invite friends to do fun things together, and then split the bill once they’ve purchased movie tickets or gone to dinner. The entrepreneur’s new GoDutch iPhone and Android application, which just launched today, allows users to send event information to social networks via Facebook, Twitter, email or… Read More


Vinod Khosla on failure, thinking big and why the best entrepreneurs are under 25

Don’t call Vinod Khosla a venture capitalist. After all, the venerable Silicon Valley investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist doesn’t really have the best opinion of those who invest other people’s money in startups. “I refuse to call myself a venture capitalist, and it pisses off most venture capitalists,” said Khosla, speaking at the kick-off event for… Read More

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11 lessons of a startup noob

It’s been a year since jumping into the startup world as an oblivious 22-year-old. I read every blog post I could for first time founders, but these 11 lessons, no matter how much I heard them, never made sense until now: 1.) Ideas are nothing: It took over four months for this to click. Ditch the NDA’s,… Read More

Don't get too big, too fast. (Via Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

The No. 1 reason startups fail: Premature scaling

Startups can blow up for any number of reasons: bad hires, overspending, lack of capital. In fact, a new study from the Startup Genome Report finds that 90 percent of startups fail primarily because of “self-destruction rather than competition.” And what’s the biggest reason why? The study of more than 3,200 high-growth technology startups pinpoints the… Read More


Do you have the startup DNA?

Let’s face it, you gotta be a little off kilter to take the entrepreneurial plunge. But what is the the actual makeup of entrepreneurs? LinkedIn takes a look today, using data collected from those who’ve identified themselves as a co-founder or founder at U.S. based companies since 2000. LinkedIn discovered that some companies and universities… Read More

Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain: Innovation can solve the world’s problems

Naveen Jain has spent the bulk of his entrepreneurial career developing Internet search technologies, from the early days at InfoSpace to the founding of online background check service Intelius. But Jain is now putting his time (and money) into very different pursuits, including space travel and digital health. In fact, Jain is now promoting the “Digital… Read More


Washington state ranks second for entrepreneurs

The venture capital totals may be falling, but Washington state is still a great place to start a new business. That’s the latest finding from the The State Entrepreneurial Index, which measures a state’s percentage growth and per capita growth in business establishments, its business formation rate, the number of patents per thousand residents and gross… Read More


Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid

When we humans believe in something strongly we naturally seek out others who believe similarly. This Kool-Aid drinking tendency applies equally to politics, religion and startups. Buy me a beer sometime and I’ll tell you what I think about the echo chambers we create around our political and religious beliefs. But I’ll tell you what… Read More