Richard Sherman

13 lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Richard Sherman

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last week, Richard Sherman has been everywhere in the media. It started when the Seattle Seahawks made a game saving and ultimately winning play to beat the rival San Francisco 49ers in about as dramatic a fashion as possible — an interception in the end zone with less… Read More


Q&A: Rich Barton and Nick Hanauer on why Seattle is a great ‘startup cake’ (and NYC has a ‘sell out’ culture)

We had a blast catching up with Seattle technology entrepreneurs and investors Rich Barton and Nick Hanauer on last weekend’s GeekWire podcast and radio show. Barton, the former CEO of Expedia and co-founder of Zillow, and Hanauer, an early investor in and aQuantive, like to think big as they look at ways to be… Read More


Commentary: Tough love and less purity for impact entrepreneurs

One reason I love getting to know social impact entrepreneurs is that they are among the most sincerely passionate folks you’ll ever meet.  They’re not just enthusiastic and driven. Social impact entrepreneurs care deeply and passionately, about their projects in a very personal way.  And their missions are often so profound and inspiring that I… Read More


Entrepreneurs full of confidence: 84% expect more profits in the next 12 months

Two studies out this week indicate that entrepreneurs are feeling pretty gosh-darned good about their prospects — not a surprise given the surges on Wall Street. The first, conducted by the Kauffman Foundation and LegalZoom, found that 84 percent of entrepreneurs were “confident” or “very confident” that their businesses would be more profitable in the… Read More


From one teen mogul to another: Advice for Nick D’Aloisio, the 17-year-old kid who just sold his startup to Yahoo

The tech industry was buzzing this week after Yahoo announced its acquisition of Summly. It wasn’t so much the acquisition itself, but the entrepreneur behind the idea. You see, Summly was founded by 17-year-old British whiz kid Nick D’Aloisio. We liked The New York Times headline the best: “He Has Millions and a New Job… Read More

Christian Chabot at the GeekWire Meetup earlier this year.

Patience, perseverance and passion: Video highlights from our talk with Tableau CEO Christian Chabot

We had a great conversation with Tableau CEO Christian Chabot Wednesday evening at our GeekWire Meetup. Chabot talked about several interesting topics, from why entrepreneurs should avoid venture capital to the power of perseverence over pivoting to Seattle as a startup city. You can check out the video highlights above, followed by some additional thoughts from our attendees…. Read More


Montlake Capital founder Artie Buerk donates $5.2M to UW entrepreneurship program

Thanks to Arthur Buerk, the University of Washington entrepreneurship program is getting renamed and receiving a nice chunk of change in the process. Buerk, a 1958 UW grad and founder of Montlake Capital, today donated $5.2 million to the program now named the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship. Buerk also co-founded the center in 1991 and, along with… Read More


Startup Weekend to ring NYSE Opening Bell, marking entrepreneur milestone

Startup Weekend has come a long way since its birth just three years ago, and the non-profit will celebrate the creation of 100,000 entrepreneurs by ringing in the NYSE Opening Bell next Friday, Dec. 28. The Seattle-based entrepreneurial education non-profit hosts 54-hour coding marathons where teams of geeks develop and design new products. The organization hosts the events… Read More


Venture capital more than doubles in Washington state

We had a feeling that it was going to be a blockbuster quarter on the venture capital front in Washington state as companies such as Donuts, Kona Medical, Avalara and SEOMoz reeled in big rounds. The money certainly was flowing in the second quarter with $312 million invested in 32 companies, more than double the… Read More


Malcolm Gladwell: In 50 years, Bill Gates will be revered and Steve Jobs will be forgotten

In a recent appearance at the Toronto Public Library’s Appel Salon, author Malcolm Gladwell provided some fascinating remarks about the role of entrepreneurs in society, drawing some interesting conclusions about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Gladwell called Gates “the most ruthless capitalist” until the day when he “wakes up one morning and says… Read More