Answer: This tech journalist is on Jeopardy! this week

Question: Who is Glenn Fleishman? He’s a longtime technology journalist based in Seattle, known for his work for the Seattle Times, Macworld, the Economist and many other publications, not to mention a highly entertaining and informative person to follow on Twitter. And he’s appearing on Jeopardy! this Thursday night, hoping to uphold a tradition of successful… Read More


Digiboo takes flight: Movie kiosks at Seattle airport offer new releases for $3.99 (Video)

There are multiple ways to watch movies on airplanes. Some rely on the selection in the airline’s inflight entertainment system, while others load up on personal DVDs or download their favorite films prior to arriving at the gate. Others use Wi-Fi connectivity to stream movies while cruising at 30,000 feet. For Blake Thomas, chief marketing… Read More


Redbox raises DVD rental prices by 20 cents

Redbox is raising prices on DVD rentals from $1 to $1.20 due to higher operating costs associated with debit card fees. It marks the first time in eight years that the unit of Bellevue-based Coinstar has increased daily DVD rental prices. “The amount was selected to best offset expenses, while keeping our value commitment to… Read More


Mynd uses machine learning to recommend iPhone apps

There are so many mobile apps floating around these days for books, music, games and TV that it can be a bit daunting to find the ones that matter to you. A Seattle upstart wants to help sort through the clutter. It’s called Mynd, and it’s the latest project from Greg Martin, Sam Teplitsky and Kaveh… Read More


Wetpaint iPhone app feeds celeb-watching guilty pleasures

If you are looking for dirt on the cast of Gossip Girl or simply want to keep up with Kardashians, Wetpaint may have the perfect time waster for you. The Seattle media company, which has transformed itself into a hub for celebrity news and gossip, today is officially announcing a new iPhone application that allows… Read More


Introducing TrayVu: This airline tray doubles as an inflight entertainment system

Back in 2003, I wrote a story about an Alaska Airlines baggage handler-turned-entrepreneur by the name of Bill Boyer who created a new electronic entertainment system called the digEplayer. That device has remained mainstay on Alaska Airlines flights, with GeekWire columnist Frank Catalano reviewing the newest version after testing it on a recent flight. Boyer’s company… Read More


Google’s bigger game: The subplot behind the Motorola acquisition

“Having at least one area where we can do integrated hardware and software and learn from that probably produces better products.” – Google’s Eric Schmidt, speaking about the company’s Motorola acquisition yesterday. Guest Commentary: Many people in the tech industry would assume that Schmidt was thinking about mobile phones when he said that. But the… Read More


RealNetworks bets big on social TV, backs ClipSync

One of RealNetworks’ longest running online initiatives is its partnership with Big Brother, the CBS reality TV show. Now, Seattle-based Real is looking to bolster that offering (and other reality programs for that matter) through an investment in Campbell, California-based ClipSync. For the past two years, ClipSync has powered RealNetworks’ SuperPass offering, which, among other things, provides… Read More