Photos: Celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who

  Yesterday was the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who — the iconic and award-winning British sci-fi TV show which first aired in 1963. There were parties happening all over the world on Saturday, so I dropped by the Scarecrow Video bash and the EMP celebration in Seattle. The line to get in to EMP… Read More


Sci-fi nerds look to open new museum in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. has museums devoted to art, aerospace, history, and even, textiles. So, what about the futuristic worlds of science fiction? Well, a new effort is in place to bring a Museum of Science Fiction to the nation’s capital, establishing a “permanent center for the science fiction community and culture.” In fact, screenwriter Greg Viggiano,… Read More


Ouch, Seattle’s EMP makes list of 25 buildings that should be demolished

One of Seattle’s most iconic buildings, the EMP Museum (formerly the Experience Music Project), just got super bagged on by architects and editors in California Home and Design magazine. In the article, “25 Buildings to Demolish Right Now,” they wrote of the Frank Gehry building: “Even the best make questionable choices,” adding that  “admit it, from… Read More


EMP Museum? Music and sci-fi mecca reinvents itself, again

More than a decade after the splashy Experience Music Project opened in the shadow of the Space Needle, the Seattle museum started by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is phasing out its formal name — and shedding the standalone identity for its companion Science Fiction Museum — in favor of a familiar yet new name that… Read More