Tweet of the Week: Seattle PD meets Emerald City Comicon

Police personnel aren’t typically known for displaying their sense of humor publicly, let alone their geeky side, so it was refreshing and funny to see this exchange between the Seattle Police Department’s official Twitter account and an Emerald City Comicon attendee. @drlari they’re just just there to keep an eye on things. But you can… Read More


Superman, where you at? Emerald City Comicon website hacked

Maybe it was Joker. Possibly Lex Luthor. Could have been Bane. It’s unclear exactly which villain hacked the Emerald City Comicon’s website and backup files, but organizers of one of the country’s biggest comic book conventions are now scrambling to build a new website. The timing of the hacking is worrisome, as the convention is just a month away… Read More


Comedy superhero web series premieres at Seattle Comicon

Super Friends meets The Office? That, in a nutshell, is how Seattle production company Moon Bullet Studios describes its new web series, The Collectibles. The ten-part series will officially debut on Sunday, April 1 as part of Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. It’s a bit hard to describe The Collectibles, even after viewing the trailer…. Read More