Activists block Microsoft shuttles in Seattle, in anti-gentrification protest

Several Microsoft Connector shuttles were reportedly blocked for a total of 45 minutes in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood this morning by protesters handing out flyers and carrying signs that read, “Gentrification Stops Here.” The protests, as detailed on Twitter and the Capitol Hill Seattle blog, underscore rising tensions in cities including Seattle and San Francisco… Read More


Welcome to Washington: The most innovative state in the U.S.

Silicon Valley may get all of the buzz. But don’t underestimate the power of Seattle and its surrounding communities. A new analysis by Bloomberg indicates that Washington state — home to Amazon, Expedia and Microsoft — is the most innovative place in the country. California ranked second, followed by Massachusetts, Connecticut and Oregon. There are… Read More


INRIX names top 10 worst traffic cities, says increased gridlock indicates stronger economy

Traffic may be getting worse, but it’s a good indicator of a rebounding economy. That’s the latest from Kirkland-based traffic data company INRIX, which just released its sixth annual Traffic Scorecard Annual Report. The company found that after two years of declining traffic congestion, including a 22 percent decrease in 2012, gridlock is increasing through the first few… Read More

P-I newspaper boxes. Photo Kurt Schlosser

The best and worst jobs in America: From software geeks to newspaper hacks

It’s a good thing we got out of the newspaper business. According to a survey out today from, newspaper reporter ranks as the worst job in America. “Ever-shrinking newsrooms, dwindling budgets and competition from Internet businesses have created very difficult conditions for newspaper reporters, which has been ranked as this year’s worst job,” the… Read More


Startup valuations rise even as VCs don’t get as many exits

Valuations at startup companies continue to increase, even though venture capitalists aren’t cashing out on deals as frequently as they’d like. According to a new report out this week from PitchBook, valuations in angel/seed, early stage and late stage all increased versus 2011 levels. Meanwhile, deal flow declined and the number of venture-backed companies completing IPOs… Read More

Ed Lazowska

Ed Lazowska: The iPad wouldn’t be here without federal research dollars

University of Washington computer science professor Ed Lazowska is known for his strong opinions. And he got to share some of those Thursday, testifying before the House Science, Space and Technology Subcommittee on Research and Science Education. Lazowska’s main point: Federal research dollars play a critical role in helping to spark innovation. Lazowska was making… Read More


Tolls on I-90: Here’s your chance to comment

Tolling of the Interstate 90 is inching toward reality, with the Washington State Department of Transportation saying that it is continuing to investigate whether to implement tolls on the floating bridge. For the past year, drivers in the Seattle metro area have had a clear choice: Jump on the state route 520 bridge where heavy… Read More


Tech salaries rise: Survey says average pay rate tops $85,000

“The fastest way if you are in the 99 percent and want to join the one percent … is to learn computer programming.” Those were the words earlier this week from Seattle entrepreneur and angel investor Hadi Partovi who launched a new non-profit called to boost awareness around computer science education in the U.S…. Read More


Analyze the economy with app now available for Android

To learn how our economy is performing, you have some options. Listening to the talking-heads on T.V. is one, for example, or maybe you’d prefer delving through virtual stacks of statistics on government websites. But to make the process easier, a better option might be to use Cascade Software’s Economy app. The Seattle-based startup just… Read More

Seattle rainbow

Seattle ranks 4th as global startup hub, edges out NYC

Silicon Valley remains the king of the hill when it comes to startup hubs. But there are a number of other communities that are developing strong entrepreneurial ecosystems, including Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York, according to a new report out today from The Startup Genome. The report placed Seattle right in the… Read More


Chart: Washington state jobless rate falls to 8.2 percent

Washington state’s unemployment rate fell to 8.2 percent during October as 9,600 private sector jobs were added. That compares to an unemployment rate of 8.9 percent during the same period last year. The state’s jobless rate still sits above the seasonally adjusted numbers for the nation as a whole, with preliminary numbers coming in at… Read More