Icahn now in favor of eBay having partial custody of PayPal

Let the custody battles begin. Shareholder activist Carl Icahn reversed course today, saying he no longer supported the idea that PayPal be completely spun off from eBay. Since January, Icahn has been pressuring the online retailer and payments company to sell its fast-growing payments business, and has been critical of how well the company’s board has… Read More

Marc Andreessen (Photo via Wikipedia)

EBay Issues ‘The Truth About Skype’ in response to Icahn’s Accusations

The Skype spin-off has become a core piece of evidence in Carl Icahn’s campaign to force eBay to spin-off PayPal into a separately traded company. In response, eBay issued a letter today, titled “The Truth about Skype,” which breaks down the list of allegations point-by-point. In addition, eBay’s director Marc Andreessen, who is accused of having a… Read More

eBay exec Paul Todd

eBay wants to help retailers leverage technology to compete with Amazon

MOUNTAIN VIEW–For eBay, competing with Amazon is difficult, in part because the company’s services have reshaped the playing field for retailers everywhere. “Amazon has raised the game in terms of the basics of commerce,” Paul Todd, the head of strategy for eBay Marketplaces, said at The Atlantic’s Silicon Valley Summit this morning. Thanks to programs… Read More

Amazon's "Delivery Drone."

eBay CEO on Amazon’s drones: ‘We’re not focused on long-term fantasies’

It looks like eBay isn’t too concerned about its competitor’s audacious plans to have fleets of aerial drones delivering products to customers’ doorsteps. During an interview with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang today, eBay CEO John Donahoe called Amazon’s drone ambitions “long term fantasies”: Re: Amazon drones, John Donahoe tells @emilychangtv eBay not focusing on "long term fantasies"… Read More


Microsoft launches eBay store with holiday season looming

Microsoft today unveiled a new place to buy its products: eBay. Just in time for a holiday push, the Redmond software giant today announced the debut of its eBay store in the U.S. The store, which mimics the design of the official online Microsoft store, will sell first-party Microsoft products including the Surface RT, Surface Pro, Xbox… Read More


eBay takes aim at Amazon with same-day delivery expansion, personalized shopping options

eBay made some big moves Tuesday, expanding its same-day delivery service to 25 cities by the end of 2014 and making its shopping experience more personalized. “The world is changing, with the lines between online and offline commerce blurring and the expectations of buyers and sellers rising rapidly,” Devin Wenig, president of eBay Marketplaces, said… Read More

John Donahue

eBay’s amazing turnaround, and why CEO John Donahoe doesn’t like seeing Amazon boxes in the offices

High-ranking Microsoft execs like CEO Steve Ballmer bristle when they see employees carrying MacBooks or iPhones around the office. So, what’s the equivalent at e-commerce juggernaut eBay? Well, you guessed it: Amazon.com boxes. At least that’s how we’re interpreting a comment that eBay CEO John Donahoe made to employees at a recent gathering in Silicon… Read More


Starbucks steel gift card going for over $1K on Ebay

First Twinkies, now Starbucks gift cards. On Thursday, Starbucks unveiled 5,000 special edition $450 gift cards made of steel and sold only on Gilt.com. Those sold out in less than one minute and now coffee — or steel, for that matter — aficionados are bidding more than $1,000 for the cards today on Ebay. The steel… Read More

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Study: The IPO slow down is costing the U.S. jobs

Facebook’s initial public offering last week has sparked a new conversation about IPOs. But what really does it mean when a company offers shares to the public, and why should we care? A new study from the Kauffman Foundation tries to answer that question, analyzing the revenues and jobs created by companies before and after… Read More